FBI: Cattle Ranchers Concerned about the Armory of the Revolution blog

The seal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is seen on the floor at the FBI's Washington field office in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Thursday, March 13, 2014. The FBI joined Malaysia's inquiry into the missing jet as authorities sought to retrieve deleted data on a computer flight simulator belonging to the planeÃs pilot. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

A group of cattle ranchers has complained to the FBI that the Armory blog is a threat to them.

The FBI came to my door today to inform me that the Armory blog is the subject of an FBI investigation, prompted by a group of unidentified cattle ranchers.

I was asked if I had written that the cattle industry was comparable to those who perpetrated the Nazi Holocaust. I said I was not sure which article might have raised the ire of cattle ranchers, as there are over 1,300 articles on the Armory blog, any of which would have been critical of Big Ag, cattle ranchers, slaughterhouse owners, feedlot operators, animal abusers, and capitalists.

I explained to the special agent that the Animal Holocaust is a horror of far greater magnitude than was the Nazi Holocaust. Six million Jews were murdered by the Germans over several years. Six million animals are murdered every single hour, around the clock, every day of every week of every year.

I was asked if I had plans to take up arms against cattle ranchers. I told the special agent that I had no such plans, that such actions would only be successful when there were enough revolutionaries and animal liberationists to sustain an uprising against murder and slavery.

I was asked what I meant by revolution. I told the special agent that I meant by revolution the very same thing that Thomas Jefferson meant by revolution.

The special agent averred that he did not know Thomas Jefferson or what he had meant.

I paraphrased Jefferson: The tree of liberty must be nourished from time to time with the blood of tyrants and of patriots.

The special agents left.

I seem to have pissed off Big Ag and the federal government. The last time I pissed off the federal government i was running draft dodgers to Canada during the Viet Nam war.

Seems i still have the knack.

Let’s show the cattle ranchers that they have kicked a hornet’s nest!. Not only do they not get to silence the Armory, we are taking the fight to them!




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20 thoughts on “FBI: Cattle Ranchers Concerned about the Armory of the Revolution blog

  1. Are we going to see a “dirty war” in this country? Last week I watched “call me Francis ” on Netflix about the new pope from Argentina. As to be expected Argentina’s “dirty war” was ominous in the Pope’s life and all the Argentinians during the two decades it went on. It was hard to believe such things playing out in our modern times, but there it was arrests tortures and illegal killings! It is scary to see how we are seeing the same fragmentions in our society and how forcefully the ultra right and the ultra liberals are pushing their agenda. Would we see a “dirty war” in this country, fought by hunters’ ranchers, Big-Ag, Big-Pharma, big corporations against those who stand on their way?


  2. Re : You and the FBI Roland :

    Five Important ‘things’ that you write about that ‘offend’ these ‘cattle-ranchers’; and that they FEAR, coming from you Roland :

    REVOLUTION – “take up arms” …. ;

    Whoever promotes and/or participates in a REVOLUTION will be breaking the Law of the Land. Right. They can expect to be arrested; prosecuted; go to jail. Right.

    As a Christian I personally can not ‘go along with this idea’.

    I wonder how many individual Vegans will join you and promote and participate in a REVOLUTION Roland ? You are one. Will You really DO it Roland ?

    CAPITALISM – getting rid of/replacing with ….

    Sorry Roland, no replacement “…. ism” will be found that will achieve what you (and I) stand for – Re Vegan ism. There is no “ism” in the word “Christianity”. The word ‘Christ’ – the “Name that is above ALL Names in Heaven or on Earth” – is to be ‘found’ in the Word Christian/Christianity.

    The Nazi HOLOCAUST …. ;

    The FBI may ‘over-look’ ? (‘Freedom of Speech’) ? This comparison is a way to highlight that Animals are ‘salient beings’; that “meat eaters” are Disgustingly SELFISH, terribly terribly CRUEL, IGNORANT – they also intentionally ignore the Scientifically Proven Facts and the Biblical TRUTH that TODAY JESUS would NEVER EVER be “a meat eater” – that He would be a Vegan.

    This comparison highlights the HUGE, GROSS number of Animals MURDERED every second of every day; day-in-and-day-out …. BILLIONS; not 6 Million, BILLIONS of GOD’s Precious Animals/Creatures are being MURDERED UNNESSISARILLY, and on an on-going-basis ….

    RAPE :

    What you write is a fair ‘revelation’ (very unfair – to the ‘poor old Cow’ !).

    Feminists; ‘cattle ranchers’; with their family and kin, will ALWAYS find fault; no matter what …. shame ….

    Use of the word “MURDER” (of Animals) ….

    Personally I think that this is a best way to proceed …. even to Court. I use this word “ MURDER/ED ” all the time. I ask the BIG BIG Church Leaders and Evangelists, and I ask ALL Christians, and I ask everybody else who is “a meat eater” to STOP, to ‘Go Vegan’. I say to them that they are :

    “ Eating MURDERED Animals, MURDERED by someone else for them to eat ”.

    The reason that I use the word “ MURDER/ED ” instead of the ‘politically-dictionary-correct’ word “ SLAUGHTER/ED ” is because TODAY it is not in-line-with REAL CHRISTIANITY; NOT NECESSARY; terribly terribly CRUEL; unbelievably SELFISH; PLANET-DESTROYING; STARVATION CAUSING; UNHEALTHY especially for the CHILDREN …. to KILL AMINALS TO EAT THEM.

    So, to me that constitutes MURDER. Simple.

    Anyway Roland, Good Luck with the FBI. You are in my Prayers my Fellow-Vegan-Warrior and Facebook Friend.

    Lord Bless, love Michael (heart).

    Roland please visit my Facebook ‘site’ to see how I refer to the MURDER of Animals, and please read and promote the Book ‘CRY OUT’, a Free Read at eBook : http://epublishbyus.com/cry_out_by_jesus_the…/10042317

    Thank You Sir.

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    • Religion is for ppl. who can’t think for themselves, in deciding right from wrong, a tool to make excuses for what they do or don’t do, a feeling of belonging to something greater than themselves and need a book re-written multiple times, to guide them.” Religion is the very cause of many injustices to animals and the planet.
      Man is the most insane species. He worships and invisible god and slaughters a visible nature, w/o realizing this nature he slaughters is the invisible god he worships”. Hurbert Reeves

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  3. So, Roland, you have a whole new group of readers for the Armory and had a home visit from the FBI. Congratulations are in order! I’m glad the agent could leave knowing who Thomas Jefferson was.

    The attention from those ranchers is disconcerting too. Vegans are only a tiny segment of the society, and yet representatives from one of the wealthiest and most powerful industries are scared enough to call in the feds. Equally disturbing is the tendency to criminalize dissent, including calling animal activists “terrorists” even when not causing injury or property damage. Probably many of us are wondering how the new administration will react to the complaints of businesses against activists.

    The ACLU, so fast to respond to injustice, did not adequately respond to the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. The organization wrote a letter to the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, stating that the ACLU didn’t oppose the AETA but suggested minor changes to avoid threatening freedom of speech but did not address the anthropocentric worldview underlying much of the law. The Southern Poverty Law Center was looking into the animal rights movement as a source of “terrorism.”

    Two examples of legal response to animal activists should get our attention.

    One occurred in 2009 when the FBI arrested four activists in California for protesting animal experiments. The crimes alleged against them were the use of “harsh language” such as “murder” or “torture” in the description of their leaflets, naming people involved in the research, and chalking anti-testing slogans on a sidewalk.

    Another example is that of Toronto Pig Save activist Anita Krajnc, who faced prison time and fines after her arrest. Her crime? She put the top of a water bottle through the opening in a transport truck so that a thirsty, dehydrated pig on the way to the slaughter could take a drink. The water that compassionate woman offered was probably the only act of kindness that pig would know in his short time on this earth, and it was given in his interval between the misery of the factory farm and the horror of the slaughter line. And Anita Krajnc went jail for it. Apparently her fate will be decided in March.

    We’ll have watch decisions by the new DOJ. There should never be cases like the ones above where the helpers are punished rather than the abusers.

    So now that you’re being scrutinized, are there any changes in mind—like sticking it to Big Ag some more? I’m sure you’ll have a lot of help from your regulars.

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    • Those referring to Vegans as terrorists don’t even know what the word means. Vegans are only out to educate the populous, exposing the unnecessary violent, cruelty, abuse, neglect and murder toward innocent sentient beings, who only want to live. This treatment is unnecessary and unfair treatment toward animals.
      What’s wrong w/ the “truth”~? Why would anyone refer to Vegans as terrorists.~? “Vegans” represent a peaceful, non violent life style. Industries who have something to gain and profit from murdering animals, are heartless and are the very ones causing violence and murder every second of every day.

      plural noun: terrorists
      a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

      Veganism is both the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals.
      There is nothing in a “vegan” life style that represents violence in any way. It’s is quit the opposite. Vegans are non violent. Violence is demonstrated by those who consume the dead flesh of animals who were terrified at the horrors of a slaughterhouse and only wanting to escape in order to live.

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  4. Congratulations! If you have government agents knocking at your door to “investigate” your concerns about animal abuse, you know you are doing something right. I’ve not been this jealous since when I was omitted from the Nixon Enemies List. Perturbed cattlemen triggering an FBI investigation of an animal rights advocate would be high comedy were it not such a shamefully pathetic commentary on the priorities that animate American society. It’s been said before that In an inherently unjust society, the only place you will find just individuals is in jail (or under government surveillance). Why didn’t you just show them your MAGA hat?

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  5. Right-on, Roland. Good for you.I am sure your blog and our responses are monitored. I suspect, after Trump rounds up immigrants he will go after dissenters.
    I am more pessimistic than you. I don’t see any revolution coming and as a result, the animal holocaust forever.
    (I went to Canada during Viet-Nam.)

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  6. I hope the reaction from us won’t be that shit just got real when it has never been more stark for AR types than it’s been for our murdered animal sisters and brothers, and it never will be. We need to be steadfast, since newly directed G-man breath down our necks is nothing compared to the terror, pain, and suffering which even the most prejudicially targeted among us will never experience. Will we be Barry Hornes or inconsequential moralizers if and when the time comes?

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    • Your mention of Barry Hornes made me think about William Rodgers, an environmental activist who was arrested by the FBI in 2005. He committed suicide in jail and mailed this note to his friends:

      “To my friends and supporters to help them make sense of all these events that have happened so quickly:

      Certain human cultures have been waging war against the Earth for millennia. I chose to fight on the side of bears, mountain lions, skunks, bats, saguaros, cliff rose and all things wild. I am just the most recent casualty in that war. But tonight I have made a jail break—I am returning home, to the Earth, to the place of my origins. Bill, 12/21/05 (the winter solstice.)”

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      • I consider William Rodgers’ suicide a sad loss, not just for the cause that he served, but also for his family and friends. Those opposed to his activism no doubt view it as a victory.

        Knowing what I’ve learned about the nonhuman holocaust, I often indulge in thoughts of leaving behind this depraved world, with all its abhorent madness.

        But then what good would this bring, how would it help to promote the advancement of veganism. We need more voices, not fewer. However, were I the one who was sitting inside a dark Federal prison, I’m not sure how strong my resolve would be, either.

        There are no easy answers.


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