Thought of the Day. The Democratic leadership is a House of Cards. March 4, 2017

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Today’s Thought:

The Democratic leadership is a House of Cards. It is totally dependent upon the power of incumbency. While the upper echelons of the party are recipients of lobby largess, those in the precincts, wards, and county committees are influenced only tangentially by establishment priorities. Most rank-and-file Democrats are politically progressive. Few are corporate apologists. Most support those candidates who emerge from the primaries. The mortar we must target are the incumbent Wall Street hacks. We must not only target them, but embrace the strategy of voting them out in the generals, which has never before been done.



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3 thoughts on “Thought of the Day. The Democratic leadership is a House of Cards. March 4, 2017

  1. The political climate is so depressing. Your idea might work except you say “We must not only target them, but embrace the strategy of voting them out in the generals, which has never before been done.” How in the world is this accomplished. Like the AR movement, I just don’t see enough people to make a difference. A simple example: clearly the Electoral College is wrong. Almost all agree yet there is no real movement to abolish it. And that is where a lot of people agree. If we look at Trump et. al., he may not be close to a 50% approval but the system moves ahead anyway with his military funding, reducing environemntal checks, etc.

    Roland, I wish I was as optimistic as you and I really support your goals. But I see this as a very dark time in amerika (and the world) for people, environment, and animals and I really dont see a way towards improvement.

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    • Gerrymandering across the country makes few Congressional seats competitive in general elections. Similar districting boundaries at the state level limit the ability to oust most incumbents in general elections as well. But in those races that are competitive, a small swing in votes from one party’s candidate to the other’s can mean the difference between a Democrat or a Republican taking the seat. The struggle to control the Democratic party will have to be waged in primary elections everywhere. But if progressives punish the corporate Democrats in swing districts, the party will never be able to return to power in it’s current iteration.

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