Thought of the Day. The ends justify the means. March 5, 2017

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Today’s Thought:

The ends justify the means.

When I was in the 7th grade at Ditmas Jr High School in Brooklyn, two kids were trying to kill pigeons in the schoolyard with slingshots. I went to one of the teachers and alerted her, thinking she would take some action. When she blew me off, I went to another and told him the kids were shooting at me. OMG! Full on attention paid. Kids corralled! Slingshots confiscated. Perpetrators banned from the schoolyard. Pigeons saved.

A week later, the two beat me up on the way home from school.

I told them I’d do it again. I dared them to try killing pigeons. They never did.



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11 thoughts on “Thought of the Day. The ends justify the means. March 5, 2017

  1. It might have been this post that got me to finally agree with a position that you’ve been pushing since before the general election, that there were distinct political advantages to be had with Trump elected to the White House. Initially I was not convinced, but today I can see that we would have been in a worse situation for the long term had Clinton triumphed. Well-done with your foresight!


  2. Great idea. Good for you!. That episode tells us what we need to know about our relationship with the rest of creation. When people harm and kill animals we call it sport, entertainment, business, or childish prank. When the same things are done to other people, we call it called crime.


  3. smart thinking for a 7th grader Roland, guess you had the gift from the very beginning. I love reading your posts and I wish I had the skills to do something similar. I’ve been involved in animal rescue and advocating for at least 30 years now so I’ve seen – and heard – so much that I’d love to share with others. I hate thinking that I could die without imparting my knowledge and experiences to a younger, new age of people who love animals and want to help. Thanks for all you do.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I think what you did was great but am not sure how it applies to current political situation. Does it mean that constructing & spreading alternative facts or fake news is OK? What is your view about the place of truth in this administration?

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  5. Great Witness/Testimony Roland; Great Memories hey …. . You had it in your DNA.

    Thinking of this Terrible, CRUEL, ‘activity’ of kids shooting birds with slingshots (and with what we call ‘catees’) causes me to think of ‘fishing’ Roland. I hope I am not being too intrusive when it makes me to remember …. :

    It was 1965. I was on honey-moon with my 1st wife Hazel. We were at a place called Scottsborough, on the South Coast of South Africa. There was this Big man fishing. In his short pants with his Big pot-belly, tree-trunk legs, hands like ‘legs of mutton’ …. Anyway I was not impressed with the way that he was hooking small live fish as bait before he would ‘cast out’ his line.

    He wanted to ‘beat me up’ when I reprimanded him – also because I told him not to throw his fish on the sand/rocks where they were dying slowly, wriggling and shaking – you know, you’ve seen it. I had never fished; and Praise the GOOD Lord JESUS, I still, to this day, never have. That was 1965. I only became a Vegan in 1976 ! Gosh, looking back I WISH I had ‘known better sooner’ and gone Vegan then …. Ignorance mainly …. Lord forgive me ….

    Anyway, fortunately (for him), he decided to ‘back-off. I think it was when he saw ‘the look in my eye’, plus, I must say, I was very strong and a really good fighter, way back then …. when I was 25. Now I am 77 and I still want to fight when I see such CRUELTY …. wow how time flies ….

    Now here we are, all these years later, and it is this ‘post’ of yours Roland, 52 years after the ‘event’ that I have just described … and ‘fishing’ is still here with us …. . small wonder you want to have a full-on REVOLUTION …. I wish I could say : “Count me in Vegan-Warrior”, but I am a Christian …. (lol).

    Heaven Help us. Lord Bless, love Michael (heart).

    Liked by 3 people

      • Thank You damovand for your support.

        What a terrible, terrible ‘DIS-CONNECT’ that a ‘man’ can do such things, yet she/he then calls him/her self a ‘good person’; a ‘family woman/man’; ‘a good father/mother’; and MANY (BILLIONS) Say that they are Christians !

        Well, I say that a REAL Christian would follow their Leader JESUS who would be a Vegan TODAY. 100% for sure, in REAL CHRISTIANITY !

        Heaven Help us. Lord Bless, love Michael (heart).

        Liked by 1 person

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