Progressives Must Cure the Democratic Party. Or Kill It. Commandeer the Ship or Sink It. Don’t Jump Ship!

Taking over the Democratic party, while a Herculean task, is actually the only possible path for progressives. Even progressives wanting a third party would be best served by taking the fight to the Democratic primaries and voting against every Hillbot and hack in office. If we cannot defeat them in primaries, we need to defeat them in the generals.

Such political internecine warfare would have the result of either giving progressives control of the party or so crippling the Democrats that they would cease to be a viable national party.

The result will be either a progressive Democratic party or a dead one.

Either result will serve a progressive agenda. If the Democrats can be cured, progressives will nominate and elect the first progressive president in over a century.

If the Democratic party is mortally wounded in the fight, a new, progressive SECOND party will fill the vaccuum.

Any third party effort is doomed so long as the Democrats remain a viable party. It would take billions upon billions of dollars to build and brand a new national party. If ever a third party candidate should have succeeded, it was Jill last year. But her pathetic performance punctuated the futility of third party candidacies.

For a third party to succeed it must displace an extant national party as the Republicans displaced the Whigs in the 1850s.

Many progressives fled the party in protest of the outrageous treatment Bernie and his progressives were subjected to by corporate Democrats and the DNC. The problem with leaving the party in protest was to leave the establishment in command of the ship.

We must commandeer the ship or sink it.

Neither can be accomplished by jumping overboard.



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