Progressives Must Change the Democratic party. Or We Must Kill It. We Cannot Do Either by Running Away.

A third party cannot win the presidency. EVER. Simple math and the Electoral College prevent it. The only shot progressives have is taking over the Democrats or wounding them so badly that a SECOND party emerges.

We can’t wound them by running away. We must weaken them in primaries and vote Republican in the generals.

I understand the frustration of many progressives who gave their hearts and souls to the Sanders campaign. They saw the treachery of the DNC, the rigged primaries, the contempt of the Wall Street Democrats, the heartbreak of Bernie endorsing the Whore of Wall Street, the refusal of the Democratic establishment to acknowledge that they are responsible for President Trump.

Each is ample reason to give the finger to the Democratic party and the assholes who run it.

While such a gesture feels good in the moment, it actually helps the corporate scumbags who control the party and hurts progressive prospects for the future.

Every progressive who remains a Democrat is a thorn in the side of corporate Democrats.

Each is a primary vote against them. Each is a potential primary challenger. Each is a problem of epic proportions. Each can winnow other Democrats away from their candidates. Each can put a Republican in office in their place.

We progressives are their worst nightmare so long as we remain in the party.

What they would have us do is leave.

Progressives outside the party are harmless. They are gadflies. Kooks. Jokes.

Progressives within the Democratic party are guerillas. They are to be feared.

And I cannot think of a better motivation than to strike fear into the hearts of Hillary, Schumer, Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Perez, and the rest of the scumbags trying to keep the Democratic party a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldman Sachs and Monsanto.



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5 thoughts on “Progressives Must Change the Democratic party. Or We Must Kill It. We Cannot Do Either by Running Away.

  1. Progressives should be shot in the head and left to bleed out. Their opinions are free to be made, but their actions spawned from evil have gone too far. There is no negotiation, there is no peace, there is no hope for justice. The progressives must be purged in order for the wounds they have caused to be healed, or our nation will die.


  2. The only way to build on the dnc would be to severely expose and follow thru on the prosecution of 2016 primary election frau and every single person involved. We cannot build a house on a foundation of lies. Until there is a glimpse of integrity i am out.


  3. #ProgressiveOrBust will #DemExit, #DemEnter, #DemExit again and again as needed to either change the Dem. Party or destroy it by voting third party in contests featuring a neoliberal Democrat vs a Republican. This is called #leverage, and RAP is the pioneers of this strategy.


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