Thought of the Day. Republicans are preferable to corporate Democrats. March 21, 2107

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Today’s Thought:

Social revolution is directly opposite of the electoral process. There, for revolution to succeed, the worst possible government must be in place, not the least objectionable. Revolutionaries should favor Republicans in office.

Coincidentally, progressives should also favor Republicans over neoliberals.



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6 thoughts on “Thought of the Day. Republicans are preferable to corporate Democrats. March 21, 2107

  1. There is something to be said for the strongest resistance movements ( and best art) coming from the darkest of times- sadly this means many people are thrown under the bus while resistance gains traction. I am quite certain we cannot have any systems of governmental hierarchy if we seek to decolonize and liberate the threatened, abused, and diminishing life forms in every ecosystem around the world. Most importantly, I believe people have to understand and believe we are not separate from the natural world, but just a part of the web more dependent on it than we realize. Collectively mankind is omnipresent for sure, but alone against the mother we are at the mercy of elements the majority of our allegedly ” civilized” species has been sadly isolated and separated from. I do not think we have to abandon all technology and innovation to heal what’s left and prevent more man made degradation, in fact we will need the technology in all likelihood to survive the climate shift that was already inevitable, but due to our irresponsibility and industry cover ups is coming much sooner. I share your belief in animal rights and have great animosity towards the sociopathy that is capitalism. It simply will not work for any future humans have on this planet ( or any other planet maniacs try to colonize lol) It isn’t just capitalism I feel is a great threat to all – it is religious ideology that reaffirms the greed that capital breeds ( somehow, I do not know how the message of the New Testament turned into ” prosperity gospel). This same Western Religion ideology also is responsible for the separation of man from nature, and fueled the disrespect and commodification of ” lesser” people and animals. Despite the fact if one reads religious text there is an explanation ( in metaphorical, cautionary terms) that lays out the exact fall of man- and that isn’t an actual talking snake and an apple in a garden- but in the temptation of man and woman to be ” like God” they essentially lost innocence and were kicked out of the proverbial garden where in the beginning of Genesis it says every seed and fruit bearing tree etc etc should be their food ,and after that willful choice they were sent into a violent place alone and naked , to slaughter the animals they once considered family, and the murdering of one another for egotistical and un evolved emotion. This is looked at by most people of Christian faith to be a literal story and somehow they cannot see any symbolism in it, or much of the Bible at all,and yet they use it to justify so many terrible things. Not the good things, of course, with some exception, as it would be unfair to say every religious person is hypocritical.Please don’t mistake me for a religious person, I am not. I was raised in a very strict Catholic household and my parents scraped by sending me to 12 years of Catholic school. I was always suspect of the stories, and had no fear in poking holes in it and in having to justify my own skepticism,had to study it objectively, using historical context, archaeological and anthropological evidence, and other religions creation stories, dieties, and relationship to nature to draw a more logical picture of what may have occurred. I did find some interesting research and some anthropologists theories that the common creation stories were actually visions that nomadic tribes, who ate various mushrooms for protein,experienced when ingesting a psychedelic variety. This evidence came in the form of cave paintings and what was in the soil layers where ancient bodies were buried. I don’t recall the details beyond that but it appeared to be something seen in more than one region- but that is totally off topic, I just feel in order to cement any revolution, there has to be a shift in consciousness in regards to our relationship to all other life on earth and our incredible short existence as individuals- thus needing to live a life of meaning, collectivism, and ultimately it will require a return to a more agrarian, decentralized, horizontal egalitarian structure where we value completely different things. How many of us are there? How much automation, decadence, and excess are people willing to give up in order for others to simply exist? We can have a simple and rich life. We can and should learn many of the earth knowledge from the Native people, the way we should have in the first place, instead of labeling them savages, exploiting, slaughtering, and forcing them to assimilate or be sent away to places it was convenient for the colonizers. We have much work to do, but we are certainly capable.


  2. Really, an animal rights proponent should prefer a Republican to a Democrat? I’m assuming the logic being that if we install the worst possible people in government, the masses will rise up in revolutionary fervor and destroy the system. Sorry to be the one to say it, but that’s pie-in-the-sky thinking. Meanwhile, yesterday in a straight-line party vote the Republican-controlled Senate passed S JR 18, an act to rescind the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s rulemaking action that forbade, quoting Wayne Pacelle, “the most inhumane and unsporting practices ever contemplated in the era of wildlife management on national wildlife refuges”. Specifically, to allow the killing of nursing wolf pups and bear cubs, in their dens, in the interests of “predator control” on national wildlife refuges in Alaska. I think it safe to say that while not all Democratic politicians are “good”, ALL Republican politicians are the functional equivalent of pond scum. And I’d rather cut off my left arm than vote for a Republican. Someone who is a Republican is voluntarily complicit with a criminal organization every bit as evil, in its own way and from an animal rights perspective, as the Nazi Party. Would you, Roland, have supported, as a tactical move, electing Nazis to the Reichstag in the hope that, by being so perfectly awful, they would somehow trigger the socialist revolution you seek? We should be concentrating our energies on the political (preferably the physical) extinction of every Republican everywhere, not electing them to higher office.

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  3. Trump is an agent provocateur for Bernie lol.

    On Mar 21, 2017 12:02 AM, “Armory of the Revolution” wrote:

    > Roland Vincent posted: “Instead of merely posting status updates on > Facebook, I am now also posting each apothegm, thought, observation, and > witticism, here, as a Thought of the Day. Status updates on Facebook > disappear into the ether and cannot be relocated by readers. Before” >


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