Thought of the Day. What’s worse than a Republican? March 25, 2017

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Today’s Thought:

Despicable as are the Republicans in their attempts to dismantle animal and environmental protections, sabotage social safety nets, and hand the nation’s resources and treasury to private interests, corporate Democrats are actually worse.

They are preventing the rise of a progressive alternative to the Republicans.



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3 thoughts on “Thought of the Day. What’s worse than a Republican? March 25, 2017

  1. The Democrats aren’t worse than the Republicans. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party are just two sides of the same coin! It is the industrial-banking-military complex that runs the Empire with the CIA and wants control over the entire world. The 2-party system is to keep the masses busy, divided and in the illusion that we have a democracy, when in fact we have a dictatorship.


  2. So help us out here and give us the names of some prominent “non-corporate” Democrats (other than Bernie) whom you think pass muster and deserve to be electorally supported? Corey Booker, Elizabeth Warren, any others …? Would a “corporate Democrat” who has a 100% positive voting record on the environment and animal welfare still be considered inferior to his/her Republican opponent in the interests of further polarizing society and triggering the perpetually-hoped-for revolution? And contrariwise would a non-corporate Democrat with a lousy voting record on the environment and animal issues still be preferable to a Republican who has shown some friendly inclination towards these causes? (I accept the fact that the latter scenario has become increasingly fanciful in recent times, but it has occurred a time or two in the past).


    • I am advocating that progressives adopt the Tea Party playbook. Primary those who are willing to compromise principal for political gamesmanship. My test for who is a corporate Democrat is simple. Anyone who supported the Whore of Wall Street over Bernie in the primaries is a target. Burning a few of them in the generals after weakening them in the primaries will bring a bunch of them to Jesus.

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