Thought of the Day. Vigilantism and Revolution. March 28, 2017

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Today’s Thought:

Animal activists must not be afraid to advocate for vigilantism and revolution.

Animal liberation will never be realized under capitalism. Veganism and respect for animals will only be embraced by a tiny fraction of the human population.

To end the Animal Holocaust will require the overthrow of governments, legal systems, and religious myths.

It will require a quantum shift in human civilization.

It will only occur with the end of the corporate state.

And that will never peacefully be displaced.

We can continue to try to elect more compassionate and reasonable officials. We can implore them to enact compassionate legislation.

We can continue as we have done in the past.

And the animals will continue to lose.

Or we can set the stage for the future.

A future in which animals are no longer food, clothing, or entertainment.

A future in which animals have the same rights to life and freedom that we humans claim for ourselves.

A future in which governments grant animals rights.

A future which can only be achieved through socialist revolution.



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9 thoughts on “Thought of the Day. Vigilantism and Revolution. March 28, 2017

  1. I will quite happily advocate vigilantism and vigilantes, in fact I pray for having someone to come down from heaven and give back to cruel sub-humans in kind. But there are no vigilantes for animals.

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  2. Every day animals are tortured on factory farms and slaughterhouses, baby chicks are ground up alive, wild animals are caught in steel-jaw traps or filled with bullets and arrows, bull are tormented in the corrida, and old, crippled, and sick animals are forced onto trucks for an arduous journey to a brutal death. And most animal activists preach peace and nonviolence . Really? Where has that gotten us? How has that helped the animals?

    I get the pragmatic part of it. Legally and morally human beings have placed themselves on a higher plane, which means they have the right to torture and kill but never, under any circumstances, be harmed themselves. The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) made it a central tenet of their operations to never, ever harm human beings or even place them in jeopardy. And they followed that rule. But the ALF was still hated for the animals they rescued and the property damage they did.

    So nonviolence to humans did not count as the animal rights movement got more attention and some victories, especially as the work of SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) got attention and raised fear among the exploiters. Responses came in the form of the Animal Enterprise Protection Act and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, which criminalized damage or even interference in the operations of an animal enterprise. Now even publicizing animal abuse in factory farms is resulting in ag-gag laws to punish whistleblowers. In Canada a woman was jailed for giving a thirsty pig a drink on his way to slaughter after the truck driver complained.

    No animal organization would dare promote any kind of harm, property or otherwise, against abusers. But individuals could consider vigilantism and guerilla activism to strike back. Maybe the known neighborhood bully would have to consider the consequences of abusing his dog, or the neglectful horse owner would have to fear retaliation from those who knew what was going on. Maybe law enforcement would have to punish abusers rather than risk vigilante justice. And maybe the trapper would have to look about him in the woods—just in case.

    With the levels of violence against animals increasing—faster slaughter lines, more live exports, legalization of hunting hibernating bears, killing baby wolves in their dens—and the numbers of deaths increasing, we need to realize we cannot table, leaflet, click, or vote our way to a humane world for the animals.

    So what are our options? Go nowhere? Give up? Get even? Think about it.

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    • I’m with you. But I have no idea how we can succeed. I see a little progress on the animal testing front. and maybe entertainment. But exploitationanimals for human food and other uses is increasing and it is bound to increase because of the population increase that is inevitable in this “family loving” country and planet.

      Really, I see no hope.


  3. I agree. A revolution is the only way but realistically, it will never happen. Too few people care about animals, too few care about war if it doesn’t affect them, too many are selfish. But suppose there were many of us- then what? Like ‘Occupy,” the super-armed local/federal authorities could shut it down.

    i don’t have a solution. i fear there is none.

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      • Drastic? That is the ticket BUT there are not enough people who care enough to get drastic with any possible chance of success.


    • If there were such people who could physically deliver the punishment and mentally committed to doing so, the best would have been for several teams plan and execute trophy hunters and some of the worse animal abusers on the same night. This of course would be the beginning of a long and bloody battle with evil but I don’t see any other way.


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