A Note to Roland Vincent

I received this from my dear friend and comrade Amina Philips.


Dear Roland Vincent:

Thank you very much for sharing my 1 year old post. There is no respite for animals. Every day the news about their rights and welfare gets worse. Many of your articles were very clear that unless we start a revolution, we should not expect any good results from just a bit of activism and advocacy. After so many years of experience, I have no other alternative but to accept that bare fact.
Ohad from Israel did a lot of activism, so did our dear friend Anita Krajnc from Canada. Yes, they are raising awareness in the world for a better treatment of animals. Myself and dear friend 
Frank Tamburrini participated in many international debates to prove the sentience of animals. I am continuously obtaining and posting “EARTHLINGS’ and publishing impressive lectures of learned people. WHAT IS THE END RESULT? Lately our government passed a bill allowing hunters to kill hibernating bears. People were furious with this decision, but friend Gary Loewenthal gave a very logical explanation for this which includes all the animals, that we can’t ignore. Since 18th century great people like Henry Beston, Peter Singer, Jonathan Safran Foer are rationalizing that animals are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendor and travail of the earth.

What is the ultimate result? Only more and more animals are being abused, tortured and murdered.


Where do we stand today?
I once told you that my house will be filled with your framed articles. But the sad part is, we are lacking in proper leadership to proceed with a revolution. What should be our recourse and who will lead? It’s not the issue of one country. Just look at the trillion $ global industrial economy that relies on animals. When I see posts of ‘justice for a dog or a cat’ on Facebook, I think is it humanly possible to sign 100’s of petitions each day and how is it solving any problem.
Definitely there should be a workable strategy in place, and I totally agree with the one proposed by you Roland… Revolution.

Amina C Philips




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3 thoughts on “A Note to Roland Vincent

  1. A very eloquent and heartfelt statement that every animal activist can identify with. We work hard, celebrate every small victory, and then learn daily of still more exploitation and abuse.

    I read Gary Loewenthal’s statement about the hunting of sleeping bears and the comparison to the chickens rounded up and sent to slaughter, maybe startled out of their sleep, too, before being shipped to their death. And that is the point: No matter what horror story is on the news today, whether individual animal or species, we can find another and another and then another that is equally bad or worse.

    So a couple centuries of legislation and advocacy leaves us with laws that allow the hunting of sleeping bears and of wolf cubs still in their den, baby chicks put through macerators, pigs pushed still alive into scalding tanks. Humane people are appalled at the videos and the stories, but many commenters treat the suffering and death as a joke. Most people aren’t ready to change their ways or even give up a favorite food.

    I agree about the leadership issue. I wish that Roland and others with a long and venerable history of blogging and advocating could work together to develop more global plans of action. I don’t have a lot of hope for most organizations. They are too worried about memberships and funding to take radical positions.

    So the only response left seems to be revolution. But how? So far we haven’t even changed enough hearts and minds to swell the ranks of vegans. If activists justifiably “rained down hell” on just a few of the deserving abusers, those activists would face the full force of the state and the nascent revolution would end.

    However, I believe a revolution could successfully rain down a metaphorical hell. I think it could best be done with some really expert hackers, targeting the abusers and shutting down their systems. Get into the slaughterhouses, shut down the machinery, delete their spreadsheets, circulate the pay of the CEOs and the profits of the shareholders on the Internet, and fill YouTube with scenes of slaughter. That is just one example. Along with Big Ag there are Big Pharma, the USDA, and USFWS to attend to.

    On the other hand, if we wait long enough the planet itself may revolt. We are living consumer lifestyles that pump am endless stream of CO2 into the atmosphere. We’re overpopulating the earth to the point most countries are moving past their carrying capacity. We are polluting the environment with pesticides and fertilizers to grow more food to feed more people and cutting down rain forests to grow more methane-producing cattle to kill. When that won’t be enough, the hungry will be on the march and conflicts and unrest will increase.

    I’m thinking about a Seventh (or Eighth, however you count) Extinction in which we doom ourselves. If there are enough nonhuman lives left on the planet, evolution may start over. If so, I’m hoping that if a puny biped shows up again, there will be a multitude of large carnivores waiting.


  2. We’re assuming that our first attempt at revolution will be the decisive one, so we figure that we are not ready for the monumental sequence of events that will culminate in a major step forward for the liberation of animals. Before that can happen, events that appear to be futile in the short term will have to take place. Russia had Decembrists, slaves had John Brown, and your war of independence had the Boston Massacre. Presently, countries of north Africa and the Middle East are dealing with the spontaneity, aftermath and chaos of the Arab Spring. When will our ill-fated efforts on behalf of animals take place? Who is up for tragic heroism? Am I right to say that from a logistical standpoint, one always stands ready for these harbingering preludes born of desperation? But more importantly, can the imaginations of masses of humans be captured by the plight of species not their own? History provides mostly discouraging clues.

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