Want to Help Animals? Be a Vigilante!

Armory contributor Marcia Mueller challenges animal activists

by Marcia Mueller

Every day animals are tortured on factory farms and slaughterhouses, baby chicks are ground up alive, wild animals are caught in steel-jaw traps or filled with bullets and arrows, bull are tormented in the corrida, and old, crippled, and sick animals are forced onto trucks for an arduous journey to a brutal death. And most animal activists preach peace and nonviolence . Really? Where has that gotten us? How has that helped the animals?

I get the pragmatic part of it. Legally and morally human beings have placed themselves on a higher plane, which means they have the right to torture and kill but never, under any circumstances, be harmed themselves. The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) made it a central tenet of their operations to never, ever harm human beings or even place them in jeopardy. And they followed that rule. But the ALF was still hated for the animals they rescued and the property damage they did.

So nonviolence to humans did not count as the animal rights movement got more attention and some victories, especially as the work of SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) got attention and raised fear among the exploiters. Responses came in the form of the Animal Enterprise Protection Act and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, which criminalized damage or even interference in the operations of an animal enterprise. Now even publicizing animal abuse in factory farms is resulting in ag-gag laws to punish whistleblowers. In Canada a woman was jailed for giving a thirsty pig a drink on his way to slaughter after the truck driver complained.

No animal organization would dare promote any kind of harm, property or otherwise, against abusers. But individuals could consider vigilantism and guerilla activism to strike back. Maybe the known neighborhood bully would have to consider the consequences of abusing his dog, or the neglectful horse owner would have to fear retaliation from those who knew what was going on. Maybe law enforcement would have to punish abusers rather than risk vigilante justice. And maybe the trapper would have to look about him in the woods—just in case.

With the levels of violence against animals increasing—faster slaughter lines, more live exports, legalization of hunting hibernating bears, killing baby wolves in their dens—and the numbers of deaths increasing, we need to realize we cannot table, leaflet, click, or vote our way to a humane world for the animals.

So what are our options? Go nowhere? Give up? Get even? Think about it.



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10 thoughts on “Want to Help Animals? Be a Vigilante!

  1. Dear Roland,

    You, and many – probably most – of your supporters/followers, scoff at; belittle; mock us Christians and ‘our’ GOD. Right.

    You are open about it; you make it clear in your article ” I used to be a Christian ” that you are an Atheist Re GOD/JESUS. Right. You have explained your reason/s.

    BUT, please allow me to draw your attention to something that I believe is extremely material, especially in light of your, and your supporters/followers continual, accurate, realization, Fact that we Vegans are, basically, ‘getting nowhere’.

    Consider this : In the Bible it says that ” .. in latter times .. ” … ” .. some will .. ” … ” .. commanding to abstain from foods which God created ..” … etc. Matthew 4.

    And my point is :

    As a Christian I believe what is written in the Bible will ‘come to pass’. I believe that it will happen … that there will be those who ” .. COMMAND .. ” People to STOP (abstain). This has concerned me because the passage that I take these words from says : ” .. some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons .. ” … etc. Then I focused and meditated on the word ” .. commanding .. “. I realised that it can never be me. I can ” .. command .. ” nobody. In order to ” .. command .. ” one must be in a position to do so. I most certainly am not in such a position. I have been a Vegan for 40 years and I have never ” .. commanded .. ” even one person to STOP; not even my own Children; not even my wife. My beloved wife did actually ‘Go Vegan’ this year – after knowing me for 61 years, and after being my wife and living with me for 34 years ! Praise the GOOD Lord JESUS.

    As well as this I have NOT ” .. departed from the faith .. “; I believe, I know that :

    TODAY JESUS would NEVER EVER be “ a meat eater” ! It is PROVED 100% in the Book ‘CRY OUT’ a Free Read at eBook : http://epublishbyus.com/cry_out_by_jesus_the…/10042317

    Who then will be those who ” .. command .. ” People to STOP (abstain) ? This brings me to my next point Roland.

    We – you and I and Millions of Vegans – must NOW ‘join hands’ and ‘come together’ and approach the Highest Court in the World and make Application for a Court Order declaring “meat eating” a Crime.

    (Interestingly, Roland, the Pope, Pope Francis – the Leader of 1,2 BILLION Catholics – has said …. these are my words, but this is what I believe he said TO THE WORLD i. e. to 7 BILLION People – after the Climate Change Meeting in Paris :

    “ It is a Crime against oneself and against Nature and it is a SIN AGAINST GOD if we do not properly consider the Environment, and if we do not act accordingly ”.

    (I am not a Catholic, but I do “Give Credit where Credit is due”).

    What do you and your followers think Roland ? Can we bring together Millions of Vegans and come to Court with a ‘Class Action’ to ask the Court for such a Court Order.

    Then the “COMMANDING” spoken of in the Bible can, and will, take place. Praise the GOOD Lord JESUS.

    Keep up your Great Work – your ‘Fight for the Rights’ of GOD’s Animals/Creatures my Facebook Friend, my Fellow-Vegan-Warrior (lol).

    Lord Bless, love Michael (heart).


  2. Reblogged this on VeganVoices and commented:
    Every day animals are tortured on factory farms and slaughterhouses, baby chicks are ground up alive, wild animals are caught in steel-jaw traps or filled with bullets and arrows, bull are tormented in the corrida, and old, crippled, and sick animals are forced onto trucks for an arduous journey to a brutal death. And most animal activists preach peace and nonviolence . Really? Where has that gotten us? How has that helped the animals?


  3. I know the type–big belly, low pants, and you hope they don’t bend over while you’re there! I grew up in Montana. I was also a really good shot by the time I was 11, but never aimed at anyone alive (my father gave up quail hunting to become an expert skeet shooter). It’s hard to imagine that at least some people don’t think about getting involved in more than the ineffective exercises we’ve all been doing for years. Even public shaming for the abusers who don’t get legal justice would be a start. And the hackers might be the biggest help of all.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. My guess is that the vast majority of ARAs would never place their moral stance with regard to animals above their aesthetic position with regard to firearms and paramilitary culture. The administrator of the only “vegan” gun group I know about on Facebook approves of hunting, though he isn’t a hunter. I would even bet that most of those who wish that others took up arms in defense of animals would find it beneath them to enter a gun shop and initiate an inquisitive conversation with a salesman with a huge cemetery of a belly partially covered by a “Make America Great Again” T-shirt.

    Liked by 2 people

    • A lot of people who call themselves “vegan” are fibbing. A “vegan” who endorses hunting. Now I’ve heard it all. What about the “vegans” endorse breeding while animals die?


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