Vertical Vigilantism: Targeting McDonald’s from Top to Bottom

McDonald’s is the largest murderer of cattle in the world. They are not only responsible for the most horrific brutality and torture of cows, they are directly responsible for the rape of the Amazon rainforests, which are being clear cut to raise cattle for McDonald’s.

Everyone who owns their stock, sits on their board, works for the company, or who patronizes their bloodhouses, is complicit in their crimes against animals and the environment.

Animal warriors should target McDonald’s restaurants, customers, supply trucks, warehouses, etc.

We should sabotage their facilities, vandalize customers’ cars, burn their restaurants, disable their trucks, and make it very easy for customers to change their minds about patronizing the killers.

Even a small drop in sales will cripple McDonald’s.

A large drop in sales will put them out of business.

McDonald’s is the perfect target for animal warriors. McDonald’s is in business around the globe. Facilities to target are in nearly every community. Attacks on McDonald’s facilities, employees, and customers around the world would put the Animal Holocaust on the front pages of newspapers in every country on Earth.



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11 thoughts on “Vertical Vigilantism: Targeting McDonald’s from Top to Bottom

  1. PETA purportedly owns stock in McDeath:

    Oh, and vegan-towning McDeath is a cool & smart thing to do. You win a gift card in a sweepstakes, then get a vegan side salad or one of the other few vegan options. That way you just beat a dumb meat eater out of the prize and demanded vegan options.

    Peta Murgatroyd is a meat eater even though her name is Peta.


  2. I would like to see McDonald’s go down. McDonald’s depravity goes as far as serving dog meat in Korea. They are the epitome of depravity and greed. I never ate their ill gotten meat and I never will.

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  3. These are the kinds of things I suspect we would all like to see–in big enough numbers to hurt. I ask myself WWRCD–what would Rod Coronado Do?

    But I wonder if we’re thinking about enough stealthy-type activities. Hacking would be one of them. SHAC severely damaged Huntingdon Life Sciences by innovative ways of protesting and target not only Huntingdon but also those who did business with them. They scared the Establishment enough that we ended up with the AETA.

    These would be the things that would hurt but not evoke the outrage of the public until it redounded on the activists. Unfortunately, most of the 7 billion people on this planet don’t care what happens behind the closed doors of slaughterhouses.

    I wonder what kinds of things other activists are doing that the rest of us might not have thought of. It might be interesting to take a survey.

    For myself, I like undermining–fighting the system by not participating in the major part of the economy but doing things that will benefit animals. For example, I worked hard and overtime, did not drive unnecessarily, kept cars until they wore out, did not buy any extra clothes, take vacations, etc. Then I could donate and sponsor animals. At income tax time, I could take all the possible deductions and then donate the refund. The point is that the animals got the good of it, and I withheld (undermined) consumer culture at least a little by not participating. I suspect other people have worked out similar ways to say “no” to the system.

    I think about people I knew (well, including me too) who “disappeared” so-called pets that weren’t being cared for and finding better guardians or paying for their shelter costs so they could be adopted. I think of it as a type of vigilantism.

    This is not as spectacular as firebombing, but it may help in the long run. But I admit there is something so soul-satisfying in the image of empty transport trucks on fire.

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  4. Will have a comment later, but wonder if you have been following these happenings in Florida:

    My nightmare about the kind of things the authorities do not want to deal with because of the political

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