Easter: There Is No Lamb of God

Armory editor and contributor Natasha Sainsbury attacks the very foundations of animal cruelty and exploitation in this brilliant analysis

Easter: There Is No Lamb of God

by Natasha Sainsbury

In the days mail I spied a colorful Easter egg shaped flyer for one of the big supermarkets. It was cheerful, had foil wrapped eggs pictured on the front, and thinking it creative I “cracked” open the mailing, and perhaps because I was expecting the promise of chocolate offers, the image first to greet me, was as startling as it was.

I read the words next to dismembered corpse: “Butchers selection lamb leg bone in joint”

Lamb leg bone.


Baby lamb.

Spring-born lamb who didn’t get a chance at life. Dead now, for Easter.

A time of year for many to celebrate life, and for those of Christian belief especially, to celebrate the ressurection of Jesus. Many, rejoicing in his coming back to the world, by taking the lives of millions of baby lambs, and other souls. It does not seem compatible with giving thanks.

Because it isn’t.

The Lord is my shepherd” I ponder the thought.

For those who hold alternative beliefs, let us imagine for a moment, that God exists. What kind of God would we consider to be worthy of worship and adoration? And yes, worthy.

I could believe in a God who was a loving, compassionate, progressive God. A God who took action to save the innocent. Whose retribution was not dished out upon people who looked around at the horrors of the world and questioned his motives, or existence, but who tackled the unquestionable forces of evil on the earth, and the insurmountable cruelty we see.

I cannot imagine that anyone holding the title of God, would design, or will it to be this way. Depending on which God, by the Bible, one of them commanded actual animal sacrifice, because he enjoyed the smell of their burning flesh. Really?

Aside from Easter, the eating of animals is justified because “God gave them to us to eat”. Well, I leave a question to those who believe God to be real, and that he did indeed design animals to be eaten:

Why would any compassionate creator give these souls the ability to feel the same things that humans experience: fear, pain, grief, and absolute terror in the face of what is to happen to them? Why did he design that a beating heart must cease, and the only way to do that for consumption, is through nothing short of torture?

Jesus died for the sins of people who were never born at the time. Animals are dying for the sins of those of us living now, through actions that will never receive atonement, with full knowledge of what the fact that we’re taking lives.

If the words in the Bible as as flexible as we apply their interpretation to other things in life, then surely, we can also interpret them through the lens of morality. Afterall, God  gave us use of all animals, not just the ones we’re conditioned to think of as a product. People aren’t celebrating Jesus in most places, by eating dogs, or cats.

To be truly enlightened, and to be honorable guardians of “God’s creatures” we need to see that the idea of eating any of them is a paradigm we must shift, because it’s as reprehensible to, as taking the lives of the ones we’d never dream of killing.

We have free will, and we can choose compassion. Whether or not, a “God” did.


26 thoughts on “Easter: There Is No Lamb of God

    • Peter,


      Without Religion ‘man’ would be FAR WORSE than she/he already is. Simple.


      There is no ‘man’ who is without Religion. Religion is a part of ‘man” Simple.


      Without Religion ‘man’ suffers ” .. disease of the mind .. ” AND he/she is a ‘beast’. Simple.

      Lord Bless (no offense), love Michael (heart).

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  1. Dear Roland,

    Your Editor and your Contributor Natasha Sainsbury has GOT IT ALL WRONG in what you describe as “This brilliant analyst”. “Brilliant” my a.. . It is not the Truth at all; it is Disingenuous; it is a Twisting of the Facts; of the Truth; it contains half-Truths; it contains LIES.


    TODAY JESUS would NEVER EVER be “ a meat eater”. He would be a Vegan. That is the simple TRUTH.


    The Fact that your Editor completely IGNORES this Fact is where she starts to GET IT ALL WRONG Roland.


    As you know I have been promoting the reading of the Book ‘CRY OUT’ for some time now.

    Have you read ‘CRY OUT’ Roland ? Has your Editor read ‘CRY OUT’ Roland ?


    If you and she read ‘CRY OUT’ you will see that it is proved 100% that :

    TODAY JESUS would NEVER EVER be “a meat eater”. He would be a Vegan.


    Your Editor wants to ‘play it both ways’ – and she is an ‘Authority’ on the Bible; right. (‘my foot’; I don’t think so Roland; she comes across as if she ‘knows her Bible backwards’ – well she does !)


    She Proclaims : There is NO GOD.

    then ..


    She speculates : If there is a GOD He is ‘such and such’ and ‘so and so’ – ALL Bad, Evil, Horrible, Nasty ‘things’ (enducious 1) BECAUSE He is a ‘so and so’; BECAUSE He did ‘such and such’; BECAUSE He allows ‘such and such’ … Re Animals.


    She does not consider that without GOD ‘man’ would be a “beast”; that GOD gave to ‘man’ FREE WILL to CHOOSE; that it is ‘man’, not GOD, who “fell” from GOD’s Grace; that GOD gave ONLY Plants to eat; that the sacrificing of Animals by ‘man’ was STOPPED by JESUS – when He became the Final Sacrifice; that nowhere in the Bible does GOD say ‘man’ HAS TO eat Animals; CLEARLY, ‘man’ has a CHOICE to eat Animals or to CHOOSE to STOP; she IGNORES the Fact – based on Biblical TRUTH – that TODAY JESUS would NEVER EVER be “a meat eater”. He would be a Vegan.


    The Facts; the Biblical TRUTH :


    ‘In the beginning’ GOD gave ONLY plant food to ALL His Created Creatures, including ‘man’. That in itself is just ‘MIND-BOGGLING’; but it is the TRUTH.


    After ‘the fall’ yes, ‘man’ and the Creatures began to eat “meat”.


    Yes; JESUS ate Fish and Animals 2017 years ago. So what. That was THEN. It was the ‘normal’ thing to do; it was the ‘custom’ AT THAT TIME.

    TODAY – what with “factory farming” and all the other ATROCITIES that ‘man’ commits against GOD’s Animals – it is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.


    Why does your Editor want to focus on the PAST, when we live in the PRESENT Roland ?


    TODAY JESUS would NEVER EVER be “a meat eater”. He would be a Vegan.


    There are 2,3 BILLION Christians who are almost ALL “meat eaters”. Right.


    Whether your Editor, and you Roland, want to Scoff at and Mock GOD/JESUS and His Holy Spirit and do the same to His 2,3 BILLION followers that is ‘up to you’; your CHOICE.


    The Fact is : there are 2,3 BILLION Christians who are almost ALL “meat eaters”. Right.


    Why not try to accept this Fact – even though your Editor knows (in her own mind), as do you Roland, that we Christians are ALL – 2,3 BILLION of us – just ‘such and such’ and ‘so and so’ e. g. Completely WRONG; Stupid, Ridiculous, F…. ; and WORSE. Right.


    I think you and your Editor know this but I want to repeat it for OBVIOUS reasons; including because your Editor has GOT IT ALL WRONG, Roland, and so have you Sir :


    TODAY JESUS would NEVER EVER be “a meat eater”. He would be a Vegan.


    I am a Christian – been one for 76 years; Praise the GOOD Lord JESUS;


    I am a Vegan, for Life; been one for 40 years; Praise the GOOD Lord JESUS.


    I once again encourage you and your Editor to seriously consider approaching the Highest Court in the World and bringing an Application on behalf of MILLIONS of us Vegans/Vegetarians (and on behalf of GOD’s Precious Creatures) Declaring, as the Pope, Pope Francis, has recently come out and stated to 1, 2 BILLION Catholics and to the World Re CLIMATE CHANGE (my words follow) :

    “ It is a Crime against oneself and against Nature and it is a Sin against GOD if ‘man’ does not consider the Environment and act accordingly RE CLIMATE CHANGE “.


    Sounds close to what we Vegans are saying, hey Roland, hey Editor Natasha Sainsbury.


    I think that Pope Francis will make an excellent Witness in a Court of LAW; don’t you Roland ?

    Lord Bless, love Michael (heart).

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    • andrewmichael2015, we all know what you are saying; it is not Jesus or the religion causing and encouraging cruelty to animals. That is fine, but you cannot and should not deny that the way the religion is practiced by 99% of Christians today is with complete disregard for the pain and suffering of animals and in fact they encourage it.

      Maybe that is not the way Jesus would have done it if he were on earth today but that is the way it is being done by his followers today. That is the point this author is making about those who commit the extreme cruelties to animals in the name of Jesus and religion.

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      • I’m a lifelong Christian.

        Ghandi famously said, “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

        I like to say: I’m a big fan of Jesus, but His fan club leaves a lot to be desired.

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      • Dorothy, I so agree with you. From the documentaries I have seen about his time and life, I find Jesus an outstanding human being of his time. It is a sad that his legacy has been so thoroughly corrupted.

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      • damovand,


        Great that we are in agreement Re what you write : ” .. we all know …. it is not Jesus or the religion (Christianity) causing and encouraging cruelty to animals .. “. Great; we all agree on this.


        I do not : ” .. deny that the way the religion is practiced by 99% of Christians today is with complete disregard for the pain and suffering of animals .. “.


        Do you say that Christianity ” .. encourages .. ” ” .. the pain and suffering of animals .. ” ? I will agree with you in the sense that the ‘disconnect’ between how Animals are DISGUSTINGLY, CRUELLY ‘raised’ and MURDERED; and eating them; is just UNREAL to me. That is one on my main areas of ‘approach’ to the BIG BIG Church Leaders and Evangelists with the Book ‘CRY OUT’. Just read one chapter, Chapter 6 pages 161 to 165 to see for yourself how I feel Re this point : Christianity ” .. encourages .. ” ” .. the pain and suffering of animals .. ” ,


        Re your 3rd paragraph : I am glad to see that you write : ” Maybe that is not the way Jesus would have done it if he were on earth today .. “. That is the main point in the Book ‘CRY OUT’ that is addressed to Church Leaders and Evangelists. : TODAY JESUS would NEVER EVER be “a meat eater”.

        If this it so; if this is True; if this is an ‘accurate assumption’ (which is PROVED 100% based directly on the Word of GOD in the Bible) then it follows that Christians, – because they Say that they follow JESUS – would/should ‘Go Vegan’, for JESUS’ Sake. If they do not ‘Go Vegan’ they follow Satan Re this Very Very Important ‘Subject’ of Vegan ism. QED and amen. Simple.

        Hope that makes sense to all of us who know that ” .. it is not Jesus or the religion (Christianity) causing and encouraging cruelty to animals .. “.


        I have no further comment to make Re your advise to me : ” That is the point this author is making .. “.
        I will refer you to what I first commented on the article above.

        Lord Bless, love Michael (heart).


    • “Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets; I did not come to destroy but to fulfill.” Matthew 5:17 New King James Version. The sacrificing of animals was not stopped by Jesus.

      “Then God said, Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” Genesis 2:26 New King James Version. Followers believe the bible to be the literal words of God. If the bible says it, it is true. And so religion does cause and encourage cruelty to animals.

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      • Nancy,


        Your 1st quote from the Bible is completely ‘out of context’. (Matthew 5:17). It is a typical example of a half-Truth; of a twisting of the Truth; of an actual LIE, when applied to the ‘topic’ under ‘discussion’.


        Your conclusion : ” The sacrificing of animals was not stopped by Jesus ” – which you state as a Fact – is 100% WRONG. It is, as usual, once again, a typical example of a half-Truth; of a twisting of the Truth; of an actual LIE, when applied to the ‘topic’ under ‘discussion’.


        Your 2nd quote from the Bible is completely ‘in context’. (Genesis 2:26). The PROBLEM is that the word “DOMINION” clearly means ‘one thing’ to GOD and ‘another thing’ to ‘man’. Simple.


        Your comment : ” Followers believe the bible to be the literal words of God. If the bible says it, it is true “.


        No; you are 100% WRONG to say : ” Followers .. ” ” .. believe the bible to be the literal words of God. “.

        Much of the Bible is not to be taken : ” .. literally .. “. Surely this is OBVIOUS to you Nancy. If not …. just look for the words ” parable ” – Re the red words of JESUS – in your Bible that you reference (NKJ); then look for the word “symbolic” in the ‘study notes’ of your Study Bible that you should reference … if you want to understand the TRUTH in the Word/s of GOD. Simple.


        Yes; you are 100% CORRECT : ” .. If the bible says it, it is true “. It is how ‘man’ CHOOSES to understand and interpret the Word of GOD that is the PROBLEM dear.


        NO, you are 100% WRONG when you state : ” And so religion does cause and encourage cruelty to animals “. 100% the opposite is the Truth. Just read the 29 verses taken directly from the Bible at Chapter 8 pages 180 to 185 of the Book ‘CRY OUT’ at eBook (it is a FREE READ). There you will see GOD’s attitude towards, His love for, his Created Creatures/Animals. http://epublishbyus.com/cry_out_by_jesus_the…/10042317


        Sorry Nancy, that I seem to be wanting to prove you to be 100% WRONG about GOD/JESUS in what you quote and then USE to ‘come up against GOD’, to Mock GOD, to Scoff at GOD, and at Christians. Let me now quote a Bible verse to you that you need to read and understand Nancy :

        “Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ.” Ephesians 4:15.

        Lord Bless (no offense meant to you Nancy … or to anybody else ‘out there’), love Michael (heart).


    • A few months back, I think it was on one of these blogs that I learned about this woman who became a vegetarian in her twenties. I cannot remember her name, but she was well loved in vegan community in California. She opened two successful vegan restaurants in southern California before she retired to some town in Northern California where she became Christian all over again. Next thing her admirers heard was that she was opening a farm to raise cattle for consumption. When the vegan patrons of her restaurants challenged her, she gave them the most bizarre explanation. I read it on her FB but I could not believe it, I wish I could remember the URL and quote it here. It was something to the effect that, Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice and died for our sins. We all must make sacrifices as Jesus did but in different ways. Christians must sacrifice the animals like cows that are put on this earth for us to consume until our day of judgement arrives. When she was challenged again, she argued that she couldn’t understand the fuss. We all know what cattle can pollute the environment, she argued, therefore it was our duty to reduce their numbers. I am not making this up, I hope someone can remember her name and find her FB and her self-serving bullshit.

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      • She sounds like some of the women who have abortions then have a change of mind and spend the rest of their lives trying to shut down Planned Parenthood.

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      • Terces Engelhart that is the one! I think after she turned over sixty she simply decided it was too hard to care. Many people become greedy for pleasures of life when they see the end.


      • This is a strange lady. She said she is a Christian ? Right ? Where in the Bible did she get her strange ideas ? Lord Bless, love Michael (heart).


  2. Excellent article. I just don’t understand the “believers” who preach compassion and mercy and then commit such reprehensible acts. All because their “god” tells them this is the way to live. And they don’t see the contradiction. Hey, it’s in the “bible” so it’s okay. We can’t give up trying to change them; maybe we will convert some.

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  3. This post is beyond excellent! It reveals the kind of questioning of and disgust with religion that has left many of us running from the faith we were brought up in. I wish it could be circulated in every church where people are celebrating, before they have their dead baby lamb dinner.

    Next year maybe activists could pin copies on church bulletin boards. It may not change the hearts and minds set in spiritual concrete, but it reveals that more people are rethinking the myth and opting out of its spring slaughter.

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    • Agreed 100%. We need to find a way to present this to those who go to church and follow the rituals but may have some doubts. Let them know that it is okay to question instead of blindly follow. I have posted this several times on my FB page but even that has very limited reach. I sent the text of the blog to my cousins, both republican and one of them just found god (born again). I hope they bother to read it before deleting my email.

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  4. The clueless churches could not have chosen less likely victims to celebrate spring and the victory of life over death than tiny, beautiful lambs whose throats are slit when they’re a few weeks old.

    And then there are the clueless diners who don’t “get” the travesty they are a part of.

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  5. I wish thoughts like this could be shared with billions of people who commit the horrendous acts of cruelty or allow them to happen. I wish we could shake billions of humans and make them think about these questions and considerations. But they will never know these or want to know them.

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