Law Is Whatever Politicians Say It Is. We Should Respect Laws No More Than We Respect the Politicians Who Wrote Them.

Behind every law are the guns of the state pointed at the citizenry.

Law is the justification for the existence of the state and the excuse for the state to use force and incarceration against the people.

Laws have nothing to do with justice, fairness, morality, or ethics. They are merely proof that a bunch of politicians agreed on something at a point in time.

And those politicians act out of political self interest, pandering to donors or constituents. Justice and morality have no hold on politicians.

Many of the greatest crimes in history were legal.

Burning witches was legal. Slavery was legal. Child labor was legal. Women as chattel was legal. The Nazi Holocaust was legal. Banning women from owning property and voting was legal. Jim Crow was legal. Segregation was legal.

Those who opposed those outrages were outlaws. Criminal dissidents. Enemies of society and the state. Liberals.

They changed the laws by violating the laws.

They placed their sense of justice above their respect for the state.

They were seditious.

They were revolutionaries.

Today, the greatest crime in all of history is not only legal, it is a multi-billion dollar industry, subsidized and protected by the state.

The Animal Holocaust claims as many victims every ten minutes as the Nazi Holocaust did over 8 years.

Sixty billion sentient creatures are murdered every year for their flesh.

Calves dismembered alive, pigs boiled alive, chicks ground up alive.

Horrors too unfathomable to be believed. Horrors condoned by society, by governments, by religions. By our families, friends, neighbors.

They pretend they are not responsible, just as German citizens pretended to be blind to the horrors they allowed to occur.

And the excuse is always the same.

It is legal.




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13 thoughts on “Law Is Whatever Politicians Say It Is. We Should Respect Laws No More Than We Respect the Politicians Who Wrote Them.

  1. Animal advocates have been fighting Law and Religion for at least two centuries, and the number of the victims has grown. We can’t rely on the forces that brought an end or improvement in the human evils listed above. Nonhumans are tortured and sacrificed in ways as bad as anything the witches suffered. But waning superstition, along with the social upheavals involved, finally brought the witch trials to an end. We won’t be seeing a war that in any way helps animals as the Civil War played a part ending slavery and World War II ended The Holocaust. In fact, all through history animals were taken to war, where they suffering and died, although they were innocent of any of the evils that led to the conflicts. So that leaves focusing on the “isms” and their abolition as possible template for helping animals. Social movements and protests, often backed by churches, helped battle sexism and racism. Now animal advocates talk about the end of speciesism as the goal for activity.

    But some do not see enough of a parallel between the prejudice that harmed people and that which supports animal abuse. For example, Dale Peterson who has written extensively on conservation and particularly of the bushmeat trade and its relationship to growing populations and industrialization, does not believe speciesism and sexism and racism are similar enough. He says the following: “But the analogy fails to recognize the depth of our own species narcissism. We can overcome racism and sexism because we already possess all the moral and emotional equipment to treat other members of our own species with greater fairness and kindness. . . . Can we overcome this speciesism with the same level of coordination or commitment? I think not.” If Peterson is right, then we can’t rely on overcoming speciesism to create a humane world.

    That seems to leave individuals and small groups to act, whether direct action, vigilantism, guerilla warfare, or other forms of damage to harm at least some abusers. Activists can act out their own moral convictions and values, which is better than giving up and doing nothing. But it will not be in the numbers required to stop the suffering and death of the billions of animals in slaughterhouses or all those victims of demented or simply good-for-nothing human beings who are battering, drowning, and setting fire to those who can’t fight back. It doesn’t seem possible that so much harm and destruction can continue with so few fighting to stop it. If anything in the universe cries out for vengeance, it is humanity’s merciless trajectory. But there is no end in sight.

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      • I’ve been trying to think of ways to fit ideas into a Twitter world. Not having a lot of success so far.


      • I am now well behind the curve. Hard to believe I was on the cutting edge 35 years ago. I had the 3rd IBM PC delivered in LA. Taught DOS, BASIC, dBase, Lotus. Xerox hired me to train their sales force in the use of PCs! I had the only computer in my law school in 1982 to 1985 when i graduated.
        Now, when my cat walks across my keyboard, I have to call Tasha to find out how to undo all the changes he makes! Lol!


  2. Reblogged this on VeganVoices and commented:
    Today, the greatest crime in all of history is not only legal, it is a multi-billion dollar industry, subsidized and protected by the state. The Animal Holocaust claims as many victims every ten minutes as the Nazi Holocaust did over 8 years. Sixty billion sentient creatures are murdered every year for their flesh. Calves dismembered alive, pigs boiled alive, chicks ground up alive. Horrors too unfathomable to be believed.

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  3. Exactly right! And the obvious corollary to this is that animal rights advocates should feel bound by no human law that fails to advance the cause of animal liberation. Not laws against theft, vandalism, perjury, blackmail, assault, nor homicide. None. The guiding principle should always be: does a particular act advance the cause of animal rights and can I do it without being caught. To paraphrase Seneca (and an icon of the previous generation of Republicans): “Extremism in the defense of animals is no vice, and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

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    • 1.

      Thank you ahimsaforever for your Great comment.


      Thank You Roland, Sir, for your ‘generous Spirit’, that though you do not agree with me Re JESUS, you are a Big enough Man to allow me to comment about JESUS on your ‘site’. I know that you do so in the Interests of the Animals/Creatures, which I say GOD Created and loves dearly.


      Roland you allow me, and others, to point out – especially to Christians – that ‘man’ – including Christian ‘man’ – says she/he loves Animals … but then they treat them so very poorly and even MURDER them … to eat them. How DISGUSTING such men/women are.


      You allow me to say that anybody TODAY who ‘carries on’ like that follows Satan, though they Say they follow JESUS, Re this Very Very Important ‘Subject’ of Vegan-ism.


      Yes ahimsaforever, Christianity has ALWAYS ‘led the way’. Right. Why ? Because of JESUS. It has been, and it will always be for no other reason at all.


      It will be Christianity, once again, that will ‘lead the way’ Re Vegan and all that goes with ‘Going Vegan’/being a Vegan.


      That is why the very best way to ‘get the numbers up’ is by getting Christians to become educated on the ‘Subject’ of Vegan ism and all that goes with ‘Going Vegan’/being a Vegan, compared to continuing to be “a meat eater”. There are 2,3 BILLION Christians hey !


      The very best way, in fact the only way, to do that, is to show them that :

      TODAY JESUS would NEVER EVER be “ a meat eater”.


      Please help me by approaching Christians (2,3 BILLION of them !) and asking them, in love, to ‘Go Vegan’.


      I for one am approaching BIG BIG Church Leaders and Evangelists as well as their ‘followers’ with the Book ‘CRY OUT’. I ask them to read CRY OUT at eBook where it is a FREE READ :…/10042317


      Here are some of the BIG BIG Church Leaders and Evangelists that I am busy approaching. I ask them to read CRY OUT at eBook; I send them a ‘hard-copy’ of the Book in the post with a covering letter.

      Andrew Wommack; Andre and Jenny Roebert; Angus Buchan; Basil Tyron; Beth Moore; Bill Winston; Bobby Schuller; Brian Houstan; Creflo Dollar; Chris Hill; David Jeremiah; David Prince; Ed Young; Franklin Graham; Jerry Carolyn and Terri Savelle; Jessy Duplant; Jimmy Swaggart; Joel Osteen; John and Matthew Hagee; Joseph Prince; Joyce Meyer; Kenneth and Gloria Copeland; M Sono; Ray McCauley; Reinhardt Bonka; Rick Warren; Rodney Howard-Brown; Stephan Munsey; Theo Wolmarans; TD Jakes; N v/d Westhuisen; and many others.


      Can anybody ‘out there’ please help me to get the Book read by Christians, for it PROVES 100% – BASED ON THE WORD OF GOD TODAY – that :

      TODAY JESUS would NEVER EVER be “ a meat eater”.

      Thank You once again Roland, Sir, for the Great Work that you are constantly doing FOR THE ANIMALS. GOD is with you, and that is for sure, my Facebook Friend; my Fellow Vegan Warrior.

      Lord Bless, love Michael (heart).

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  4. Hey Roland, How about the ‘law’ (the rules actually) of Facebook ! I am again blocked by Facebook. This time for 30 days for posting ‘bad things’ about the Terrible Terrible CRUELTY to GOD’s Creatures/Animals ! Last time I was blocked for 30 days, then when the 30 days expired I was immediately blocked for a further 60 days. For 90 days I sat and ‘twiddled my fingers’ because Facebook applied their ‘law’ against my free speech. That is why I like your ‘post’ so much. Lord Bless, love Michael (heart).

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  5. Yes Roland, that is a Brilliant perspective/’take’ on what Law really is. Thank you.

    I came to see that depending on ones own, individual, personal ‘level of consciousness’ one either agrees with the Law, or one does not agree with the Law.

    JESUS – who is Himself Perfect ‘ego-Consciousness’ – is our ‘ROLE-MODEL’.

    Lord Bless, love Michael (heart).


  6. Those who make the laws are the first to break the laws w/ no repercussions~!!! While the religious sect preach life, they except killing as “mans will”…what a lame excuse …..makes “NO” sense and is straight BS~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But if that is true “god” sure did “F” up w/ his 7 day creation…I could have done better myself…We should be fighting to save the lives of all living things… not destroy them….

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    • The Bible is clear – man has FREE WILL to make her/his own CHOICE/S.

      ‘In the Beginning’ GOD gave only plant life to ‘man’ and to Animals to eat; in fact to ALL Creatures. That in itself is absolutely AMAZING. Right. Well, it is exactly what the Bible says.

      After the ‘fall of man’ It was ‘man’ (not told to do so by GOD; GOD accepted ‘man’s’ CHOICE to disobey Him because ‘man’ has FREE WILL) who began eating “meat”. Man did not take GOD’s ‘appointment’ to have DOMINION over His Creatures seriously.

      Fast forward ….

      JESUS stopped the sacrificing of Animals once and for good; Praise His Holy Name.

      BUT, let us focus on TODAY; not on 4,500 or even 2000 years ago. TODAY the way Animals are MURDERED UNNECESSARILY to eat them; the way ‘man’ treats GOD’s Creatures TODAY; the DESTRUCTION of Planet Earth TODAY; the STARVATION TODAY; the HEALTH factor TODAY …. it is VERY VERY DIFFERENT to what it was like 2000 or 4,500 years ago. Face it !

      I keep saying, but it seems that nobody will listens :

      TODAY JESUS would NEVER EVER be ” a meat eater “.

      I ask : Do you want 100% PROOF that JESUS would be a Vegan TODAY ? I plead : Read ‘CRY OUT’. Read it WITH your Bible OPEN. It is a FREE READ at eBook :…/10042317

      It is just SO WRONG to keep BLAMING GOD; BLAMING JESUS. The BLAME rests squarely on the shoulders (conscience) of ‘man’ NOT GOD. GOD has never told ‘man’ he HAS TO eat “meat”.

      Read the Bible and be Honest if you want to quote from the Word of GOD; the Bible.

      Lord Bless (no offense meant), love Michael (heart).


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