Vengeance Is Mine, Saith We Animal Rights Advocates

A disheartening, but realistic, assessment of the human condition by Armory contributor Marcia Mueller. Human extinction, or at the very least, massive depopulation, may be the only hope for animals.


Vengeance Is Mine, Saith We Animal Rights Advocates

by Marcia Mueller


Animal advocates have been fighting Law and Religion for at least two centuries, and the number of the victims has grown. We can’t rely on the forces that brought an end or improvement in the human evils listed above. Nonhumans are tortured and sacrificed in ways as bad as anything the witches suffered. But waning superstition, along with the social upheavals involved, finally brought the witch trials to an end. We won’t be seeing a war that in any way helps animals as the Civil War played a part ending slavery and World War II ended The Holocaust. In fact, all through history animals were taken to war, where they suffering and died, although they were innocent of any of the evils that led to the conflicts. So that leaves focusing on the “isms” and their abolition as possible template for helping animals. Social movements and protests, often backed by churches, helped battle sexism and racism. Now animal advocates talk about the end of speciesism as the goal for activity.

But some do not see enough of a parallel between the prejudice that harmed people and that which supports animal abuse. For example, Dale Peterson who has written extensively on conservation and particularly of the bushmeat trade and its relationship to growing populations and industrialization, does not believe speciesism and sexism and racism are similar enough. He says the following: “But the analogy fails to recognize the depth of our own species narcissism. We can overcome racism and sexism because we already possess all the moral and emotional equipment to treat other members of our own species with greater fairness and kindness. . . . Can we overcome this speciesism with the same level of coordination or commitment? I think not.” If Peterson is right, then we can’t rely on overcoming speciesism to create a humane world.

That seems to leave individuals and small groups to act, whether direct action, vigilantism, guerilla warfare, or other forms of damage to harm at least some abusers. Activists can act out their own moral convictions and values, which is better than giving up and doing nothing. But it will not be in the numbers required to stop the suffering and death of the billions of animals in slaughterhouses or all those victims of demented or simply good-for-nothing human beings who are battering, drowning, and setting fire to those who can’t fight back. It doesn’t seem possible that so much harm and destruction can continue with so few fighting to stop it. If anything in the universe cries out for vengeance, it is humanity’s merciless trajectory. But there is no end in sight.



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5 thoughts on “Vengeance Is Mine, Saith We Animal Rights Advocates

  1. I feel that human extinction may be the only cure. I feel that way every single day I go to the grocery store and I am the only one standing in line with vegan food. Big slabs of bloody cow ribs-in this town they like a good barbecue-are plopped down beside me on the checkout conveyor belt. Cows, chickens, pigs and halal lamb whizz by. Eggs,cheese,butter. They say we’re getting better but I see no evidence of it. The longer I am vegan the harder it is to take. Vegan food sells quite well here but I have never seen a living vegan yet-they slip quietly through the spaces leaving no discernible trail.
    Well, I am off to Wal Mart.


  2. Depressing to read, but unfortunately all too true. Although most people can’t seem to get how morally wrong our treatment of our fellow earthlings is, they may catch on when the Earth is no longer inhabitable, largely due the effects of factory farming and rampant human overpopulation. Their false sense of superiority to other species won’t be enough to save them then, whether or not they are woke enough to get the connection.

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  3. My personal opinion is that violence is not the way to go. We have to change perceptions. How do we do that? By uniting. We may have differences of opinion but we need to unite to work for the animals. We can agree to disagree on minor issues and unite on the issue of helping animals. The problem I see is that groups are splintered and can’t or won’t work together. Which suits the other side just fine. Keep us at each other’s throat and nothing gets done.


  4. I fantasize about a day when every animal abuser meets an appropriate end immediately and no one, no government no army, can do anything to stop it and to protect animal abusers! The fantasy helps only a little and lets my anger subside and be replaced with a deep sadness, knowing and accepting that there is nothing I can do.

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