The Fantasies vs The Reality

Every night for the past 30 years, as I laid my head on my pillow each night, I have contemplated the same question: How can we win?

No answer besides violent revolution has ever come to me.

I have often fantasized about weighing my life against those who abuse and murder animals, and tried to determine the most effective trade.

My life for the most animal abusers. How could I do the most damage to the enemies of animals?

How can one person make a difference? Billions of animals murdered every year, millions tortured. If not actually saving animals, could I do something to change people? To awaken the public? To shame the abusers? To frighten them? To extract an eye for a million eyes?

I’ve had no shortage of fantasies. Exploding a drone in a bullring. Detonating an animal trophy stuffed with C-4 at a Safari Club convention, or carrying a suitcase bomb into a boardroom or shareholders meeting of a Big Ag company.

Those scenarios would accomplish little. Attacking Big Ag interests would unleash a torrent of police action and legislation against animal activists, screams of domestic terrorism and a chorus of media exposes.

Attacking a single bullfighting venue would do nothing to even slow the horrors, and would likely cause a wave of support for the cruelty when the media characterizes the attack as racist.

Of all forms of animal abuse, trophy hunting is perhaps the most reviled by the general public, but even eliminating several hundred psychopaths who murder wild animals for fun would be a hard sell.

The simple fact is that attacks on the system and on animal exploitation enterprises will fail unless the number of activists willing to sacrifice their lives exceeds the number of people willing to die for capitalism.

We are nowhere near numerous enough to prosecute revolt or revolution.

While fantasies fuel my imagination, realism fuels my actions.

The first goal of a revolutionary is not to make revolution. It is to work toward recruiting enough revolutionaries that revolution becomes possible.



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5 thoughts on “The Fantasies vs The Reality

  1. Knowing the extent of the devastation and suffering human beings wreak on other animals, along with the realizing that we are powerless to stop it, tends to promote fantasies. We have all seen how far our tabling, leafleting, writing, and clicking have done. We got a handful of nearly useless laws passed, and they’re seldom enforced. Big Ag alone is responsible for incalculable suffering and billions of deaths.

    My fantasies start with one of the things I hate most—transport trucks bearing their doomed victims to slaughter. Then there are the killers who spend their days and years hammering and slashing the life out animals hauled to their workplace. Being one sniper on a team of other activists and removing the guilty from their jobs is a favorite fantasy. However, it is also a futile one. What would come of it? The people who would be removed are nothing but dime-a-dozen, cheap cogs in the capitalist machine. One phone call and their places would be filled with more dispensable human robots, and the trucks and slaughter lines would be up and running.

    You can multiple this scenario to include the millions of animals killed in “shelters,” and the victims of research, entertainment, and “sports.” Occasionally people react to sensational news over animals: We have seen the outrage over Cecil and Harambe that lit up the Internet. And what came of that? Yes, it got attention for two evils. But people have moved on. Cecil was one of thousands of lions who have been and are still being hunted. Harambe was one gorilla on the endangered species list that we couldn’t even keep safe in a zoo! More continue to be killed for trophies and bushmeat in their homeland.

    Sniper removal of the guilty would not be worth the cost to the movement. It would give the haters of animal rights more cause for complaint, and it would take activists away from the work they might have done in order to go to prison.

    That doesn’t leave much—for now. Until there are enough of us to accomplish more, either legally or illegally, we can do our best to help animals directly. We can also continue to heed Thoreau’s advice and make our lives a counter friction against the machine that harms them. Obstruct every way we can!

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