Successful Revolution Will Depend Upon Good Cops Not Killing Us

In the US, any revolution will be waged against the local police. The police are the shock troops of the state, the first line of defense for the government.

Only if revolution appears on the verge of success will a state’s National Guard be deployed. And then the US Army.

There are well over half a million local police across the country, each armed, each ready,  able, and sworn to shoot down any of us who would overthrow the capitalist state and it’s corrupt institutions.

It is unlikely that there will ever be half a million armed insurgents to equal man for man the government thugs willing to kill and die for the state.

The success of revolution is predicated on local police being reluctant to murder their families, friends, neighbors, schoolmates.

There are many who will relish using force and violence against others. We are all too familiar with police atrocities against people of color, especially unarmed people of color.

The authorities defend such crimes as the aberrant actions of a relative handful of bad cops. Curiously, those bad cops are rarely charged, and even less frequently disciplined or punished.

Even if the number of bad cops were only ten percent, over 50,000 bullies with guns and badges are roaming American streets and neighborhoods. Fifty thousand psychos willing to shoot down unarmed people first and ask questions later. If only one percent are bad, there are over 5,000 murderers waiting to kill with impunity.

While those 50,000 cops are the sworn enemies of people of color, political progressives, demonstrators, free thinkers, and revolutionaries, some 500,000 cops are decent, moral people who might hesitate to beat or kill their fellow citizens.

The extent of that hesitation could mean the success or failure of revolution.



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2 thoughts on “Successful Revolution Will Depend Upon Good Cops Not Killing Us

  1. This is the reason I always have said, “who ever has the biggest guns, decides the out come. If those w/ biggest guns only had compassion …we’d have a chance for a better world.

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