For Now, Being a Sniper is Futile. But Our Day will Come.

Armory contributor Marcia Mueller articulates what we have all been thinking!



Transport Truck Drivers. The First Casualties of the Revolution!

by Marcia Mueller

Knowing the extent of the devastation and suffering human beings wreak on other animals, along with the realizing that we are powerless to stop it, tends to promote fantasies. We have all seen how far our tabling, leafleting, writing, and clicking have done. We got a handful of nearly useless laws passed, and they’re seldom enforced. Big Ag alone is responsible for incalculable suffering and billions of deaths.

My fantasies start with one of the things I hate most—transport trucks bearing their doomed victims to slaughter.

Then there are the killers who spend their days and years hammering and slashing the life out animals hauled to their workplace.

Being one sniper on a team of other activists and removing the guilty from their jobs is a favorite fantasy. However, it is also a futile one. What would come of it?

The people who would be removed are nothing but dime-a-dozen, cheap cogs in the capitalist machine.

One phone call and their places would be filled with more dispensable human robots, and the trucks and slaughter lines would be up and running.

You can multiply this scenario to include the millions of animals killed in “shelters,” and the victims of research, entertainment, and “sports.”

Occasionally people react to sensational news over animals: We have seen the outrage over Cecil and Harambe that lit up the Internet. And what came of that? Yes, it got attention for two evils. But people have moved on. Cecil was one of thousands of lions who have been and are still being hunted. Harambe was one gorilla on the endangered species list that we couldn’t even keep safe in a zoo! More continue to be killed for trophies and bushmeat in their homeland.

Sniper removal of the guilty would not be worth the cost to the movement. It would give the haters of animal rights more cause for complaint, and it would take activists away from the work they might have done in order to go to prison.

That doesn’t leave much—for now. Until there are enough of us to accomplish more, either legally or illegally, we can do our best to help animals directly. We can also continue to heed Thoreau’s advice and make our lives a counter friction against the machine that harms them. Obstruct every way we can!



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23 thoughts on “For Now, Being a Sniper is Futile. But Our Day will Come.

  1. Mueller’s article is weak at best. The idea behind snipers for this cause is that no shooter gets caught. Also, politicians that pass anti wildlife legislation need to go. Hunters, trappers and wildlife services officials would be treading far more carefully in the wild if they knew they could be taken out at any time. It would also work on poachers here and abroad and wildlife traffickers. I think Damovand made some excellent points, except the one about kidnapping folks from the media…..

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  2. These replies aren’t going in the right places.

    I listened to the Luttrell YouTube. Wouldn’t blame him if he started shooting. I’m glad Beck gave him the time and attention. I’m actually surprised that 911 didn’t tell him to go back home because “only” a dog was involved. Sounds like Daisy was worth more than all four guys put together.

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  3. I think everyone is missing an obvious soft target here. Sport hunters out in the wild killing wolves and prairie dogs with long-distance rifles. A more gratuitous and less sympathetic (to the general public) medley of animal abusers is hard to imagine. Anyone can enroll in courses on long-distance sniping and purchase long distance sniping weapons. And if you are half a mile away from the “crime scene”, escape is certainly a possibility. All that is required is money and commitment. Given the essential cowardice of this cohort of degenerates, I’d predict a steep decline in active-hunter numbers were a few such attacks to occur.

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    • Probably take quite a bit more than a few attacks-more like a steady assault. And those of us of the vegan persuasion are adverse to violence. So we’d have to override our basic tenor of being. I cannot see myself killing anyone. Back to Mr. Lutrell and those of a kind with him. Cool calm and beady-eyed.


      • This would be a lot more than a few attacks. This should be a war, a war fought for animals. The time for such a war is now because at no point in history, humans were as destructive and as plentiful as we are now, filling and dominating every surface of this planet. If nothing decisive is done we will lose all the animals with our thoughtless irresponsible destructive actions.


      • Denderah, I agree with you that it seems almost too late. We have always been the same destructive species as we are now. Except humans did not have the destructive power that we do now, we couldn’t dig holes anywhere, on ice or under the water or a dense forest. We couldn’t demolish 1000 year old forests, and kill any animal any size in any number we desire, now we can. Unfortunately, our numbers have also kept with the same upward trend as our ability to destroy.


    • There can be plenty to be accomplished with smart violence. What is smart is to get many killers removed without getting caught. What is smart is to get the videos of the atrocities shown on TVs during prime time. And it can be done, with smart violence. How? It would require a global coordination of warriors who have the stamina and the training to punish the guilty and do it smartly. They could use the strategy of one group kill the enemies of the other and vice versa. The movement would require warriors to execute the plans, the strategist to make the plans, and the technology geniuses to remove and delete all the network traces and to hack systems.
      Plan a hunting event, except this would not be a regular hunting. This would be an event when hunters are the prey. Take them off one by one, in the same gruesome ways they choose to kill their victims. After the event, many useless parasites would be gone and police would have to do a lot of digging with no evidence or records of anything, as our tech. geniuses delete all records.

      Kidnap, some big shot, CEOs and program directors and other big bosses, working in some liberal media outlets. Then release the hostages slowly after all the hidden videos of atrocities are shown on TV repeatedly and over a long time. I have a good mind who should be the first round of kidnapped ones. That would every big boss in Washington Post and CNN.

      Of course, the hunters will have a field day killing animals in retaliation, but they could be controlled by taking random hunter families as hostages. These hostages should not be returned for any ransom they should remain missing for as long as hunting is allowed.

      If only animals had the same powerful friends as other minority groups have, all this would be possible.


  4. For all those who have seen the light have hidden in the darkness on our way to a long and futile life…so true.
    What do you mean sniper removal of the guilty would not be worth the cost to the movement? There is no movement.
    I long for a Mr. Lutrell navy seal extraordinaire to visit my hood and set things to right. He’d bring down the dog torturers across the street and finish off the peacock killers on the corner and the cat killers on the back of my property.
    But there are not many such men.
    I’ve had people murder my animals and leave them in my yard for me with a calling card and a smirk on their face. And all I can do is cry.

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    • I’m so sorry for your heartache. If I lived closer I would love to come over and help you deal with the neighborhood trash. No aversion here to violence against those who torture and murder the innocent without mercy and often on an industrial scale. As Steven Best used to point out continually (before his apparent mental breakdown), the paralysis of pacifism is what makes the establishment animal protection movement an irrelevancy.


      • Thank you so much Geoff. You are certainly welcome to come to Pahrump, Nevada. I have no aversion either dealing justice to the offenders. But I have long been outnumbered with no help from the authorities. And I’ve tried every avenue. I agree this pacifism is getting old with me especially when I have to keep picking up dead bodies and seeing chained staked dogs across the street-now going on a year and a half eleven dogs staked to the ground in all weather. And prying to God-I’m about through with that too.
        Sorry about Steven Best.


  5. It would have been ironic if corporate-state triggerman, speciesist, and redcoat, the crazy-brave Marcus Luttrell of Lone Survivor fame, had become the first to kill humans on behalf of an animal on the public stage that his celebrity provides. I believe he would have if the cops hadn’t arrived. Have a listen: .


  6. Well, I’m not so sure. Many of MLK’s people and Gandhi’s followers certainly felt that way about the more violent factions involved in their respective struggles, but one might argue that they provided their common enemies with a choice: “Our peaceful solution or their violent one.” The animal liberation movement has never had those kinds of elements. Even Rod Coronado never took that route. Jerry Vlasak merely talks about it, and last I heard, he doesn’t have a cohort of armed scowling browbeaters. (Read Drinking Molotov Cocktails With Gandhi.) The movement doesn’t belong to Donald Watson, Paul Watson, Ingrid Newkirk, or anyone other than the victims, so who cares if they get upset about the “damage” to the movement on account of the actions of a lone gunperson. Sure, a slaughterhouse worker is easily replaced, but it won’t erase the shock and awe and the sobering realization in the eyes of rulers and their passive masses that this isn’t just another -ism anymore – that shit just got deadly serious from a speciesist point of view. Add fluffy bunny PR to your list of futilities and accept that running from the battle amounts to much the same within an army or in the loneliness of the bat cave when deliverance from unspeakable horrors was overdue the moment they began. A true party animal doesn’t go home to watch Bridget Jones because the pub was deserted. She stays and makes her own damned party. Thus far, all of those who have seen the light have hidden in the predominant darkness on our way to a too long and ultimately futlile life. Is it because the pub is empty (though the mad cacophony is at full volume) or because we’re bullshitting ourselves, the virtual world, and the lone suffering animals on that crucial matter of our commitment?

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    • Actually in an earlier blog on vigilantism I suggested that activists take matters into their own hands until abusers would fear for their own lives and “trappers would have to look about them in the woods.” That would work for hunters, as well. The hinterlands would get scary.

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