A Catholic On the Horrors of Catholicism

Armory contributor Marcia Mueller debunks Catholicism.


A Catholic On the Horrors of Catholicism

by Marcia Mueller


Agnus Dei,
qui tollis peccata mundi,
miserere nobis.
Agnus Dei.’QQWQWQqw​
QWQ wq ‘ QW Dona nobis pacem.

Those of us who studied Latin knew the translation.

Lamb of God,
Who takest away the sins of the world,
have mercy upon us.
Lamb of God.
Grant us peace.

But there was a total disconnect between the metaphor of Christ as the Lamb of God whose death redeemed the world and the fate of billions of real lambs who had no part in humanity’s sin, who had no choice in their own slaughter, and whose unwilling suffering and sacrifice came to nothing but dinner for meat-loving human beings on Easter Day.

Like you, I also searched The Bible for passages that would condemn animal abuse. There were sparse references that most churches ignored.

The Bible was written in a different, harsher time. There was little mercy for people or animals and no understanding of modern medicine or science. The language was that of myth, not historical fact. The writers of The Bible sought to explain the world and how it came to be, why there was suffering and injustice, why people performed the rituals and held the beliefs that guided their lives, and how to placate an angry deity with sacrifices.

And while The Bible does not show much concern for or kindness to animals, many of the greatest evils never occurred when The Bible was written: There were no factory farms or transport trucks or massive slaughterhouses. No research labs or fur farms. No grinders to get rid of useless male chicks. No rodeos. No crush videos.

There is no excuse for ignoring or justifying those evils now. Knowledge has proliferated in every field, especially in the sciences. We now know that animals are sentient, intelligent beings who are capable of most of the emotions people themselves feel. We also know they are innocent and powerless to fight back against the abuses they suffer. Yet many people still excuse even the worst animal cruelty and exploitation under biblical dominionism—in the 21st century!

I’ve come to believe that the main problem lies both in human nature and in the churches who understand that nature only too well, to the point they have abandoned morality to pander to it.

It comes down to this: Church leaders know they will be fighting a losing battle if they speak out against animal cruelty. If they condemn eating meat, hunting, fishing, animal-centered entertainment, then every exploitative and abusive industry and institution who has something to lose would engage in battle, from Big Ag to the NRA. And all those groups, who fulfill the demands for human pleasure and profit derived from animal suffering, would win.

Congregations would abandon their churches and the collection plates would remain empty.

Church leaders are pragmatic enough adhere to speciesism, to make that the dividing line. After all, for centuries the churches have loudly spoken out against sins and crimes against human beings: They condemned murder, violence, robbery, thievery, lying, and adultery. Where has that gotten them aside from long lines at the confessional and overflowing prisons?

So I cannot imagine the time when Religion will truly help nonhuman animals. A baby step here is always followed by a retraction there when it comes to real change and the demand for people to make sacrifices. Even in the countries whose religions claim a belief in ahimsa, there is no shortage of animal suffering.

As Pogo’s simple wisdom reminds us, we are the enemy. The potential for evil lies in human nature itself, in its proclivities for violence, greed, selfishness. The churches know it and have sacrificed nonhuman animals, eliminating them from the circle of moral concern, rather than fight a losing battle against their abuse.



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6 thoughts on “A Catholic On the Horrors of Catholicism

  1. Fascinating. It’s all about fear of death and hedging one’s bets. The whole concept of salvation is the ultimate expression of selfishness and denial of empirical revelation. A most convenient god for whom anything goes as long as you acknowledge his supremacy and indulge his megalomaniacal demands. This would be a self-evident deal breaker if it weren’t for a human imagination capable of suspending sensory and intellectual disbelief in the interest of eschatological uncertainty. I ask my catholic parents if turning a blind eye to animal suffering and contributing to it is worth the gamble. How sure can they be that Jesus would be okay with factory farm practices? This is not something that comes up in confession, so they may not go to the undiscovered country in a state of grace. This causes discernible changes in skin color, but then they remember that I’m an embarrassing nut job and they placidly take another bite of the hapless pig’s ass.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, fear for one’s immortal soul colors much of Christianity. However, eschatology has not always had the desired effect on human behavior. Focusing on the four final events of death, judgment, the promise of heaven or the threat of hell has not resulted in good rather than evil throughout humanity’s history. And the willingness to jeopardize our eternal destination by sinning is equaled by our inability to question theological inconsistency. Scholars performed contortions of theodicy trying to justify the Almighty’s attributes of justice and mercy in the face of all the suffering in the world. Naturally, they did not take animal suffering into account. So reason, as well as justice and mercy, stops at the species barrier.

      One thing religion has shown is Homo sapiens’ unlimited tolerance for cognitive dissonance as long as it is called “faith.” The answer to all the imponderables can always come down to Original Sin, which seems to satisfy the believers. Of course, animals are incapable of sin, which makes heretics and apostates of the rest of us.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Spot-on analysis of why organized religions in the West appear to be totally indifferent to animal suffering. Echoes John Vyvyan’s devastating critique of Christianity’s response to vivisection in his books “In Pity and in Anger” and “The Dark Face of Science”.

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  3. The Bible was written to contain some historical events and put the fear in ppl. that there is a “God” they must serve if they want to go to heaven when they die…….seems to be working…though the “God” they mention doesn’t exist…

    Liked by 3 people

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