Trump Throws a Bone to the Slaughter Industries. He’s Still Better than Hillary. But That’s Not Saying Much!

Trump cost the slaughter industries in the US billions of dollars by killing the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Cattle ranchers, slaughterhouses, feedlot operators, meat packers, etc, were set to make billions of dollars under the TPP. Estimates were that some five billion animals per year would be slaughtered and sold to markets in TPP member countries.

Trump’s latest Big Ag deal with China is a disappointment, but not a surprise. The most Trump has done for animals, and will ever do, was to reject the TPP. In doing so he saved more animals from being bred, enslaved, and murdered, than 400 TIMES the number of animals saved by the animal movement over the past 50 years.

Quite an achievement, but it was not done for the animals. Trump did it for politics. Just as for politics he has approved China selling us cooked chickens and US meat packers selling China beef.

Cattle ranchers, meat packers, etc., were terrified the TPP would be killed by Trump. They supported Hillary.

If Hillary were president, she would have approved the same deal with China.

Trump is throwing them a bone. Practicing politics. Playing the game.

Disappointing. But not a bit surprising.

And he is still preferable to what we would have gotten under Hillary.




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3 thoughts on “Trump Throws a Bone to the Slaughter Industries. He’s Still Better than Hillary. But That’s Not Saying Much!

  1. No aurprise. The animals will never get a break as long as human beings sacrifice them for their own profit and pleasure. With a population of 9 billion of our species anticipated by mid-century, the number of victims will grow too. For the animals every down promises another blood bath.


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