The Obama Legacy: Dead Muslims and Betrayed Liberals

Liberals turned blind eyes to Obama’s war crimes and we deluded ourselves that a black man wouldn’t sell out to corporate interests.

What we got with Obama was a president closer to Ronald Reagan than to Bernie Sanders.

Obama killed more people than did George W Bush.

Obama prosecuted more whistleblowers than all US presidents combined.

Obama approved oil drilling in the Arctic.

Obama pronounced Chelsea Manning guilty before she ever went to trial.

Obama signed the Denying Americans the Right to Know (DARK) Act for Monsanto, which prevents states from requiring GMO labeling.

Obama spent a trillion dollars on nuclear weapons.

Obama used the power of his office to try to push the TPP down America’s throat.

Obama bombed 7 countries with which we were not at war.

Obama killed civilians, including Americans, with drones.

Obama deported more people than any president in history.

Like most progressives, I regret having voted for him. Twice!



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22 thoughts on “The Obama Legacy: Dead Muslims and Betrayed Liberals

  1. I did not vote for Obama but I liked him as the years went by. I was a republican and became a democrat. I certainly do not think of him as a killer or any of the other things you listed. What the heck is wrong with you Mr. Roland? But I am really not political-not well educated so I go by my feelings. And my feelings tell me that you people on this blog are really quite revolting.


      • Not at all. I encourage spirited discussion and the exploration of others’ points of view. You are more than welcome to take issue with me or anyone else here. Please do so whenever you feel the need.


      • I never said bombing people is acceptable. I am not for the military, don’t like soldiers and can’t stand veterans. I lived in a country where everyday we had to worry about being blown to bits. I was one of the citizenry.
        I was only referring to some of your articles and the comment responses. Whoever occupies the executive branch of government is the head of the military. They are forced to act. But I don’t blame them as men.
        I love your veganism. I clash a bit with your politics and the atheism.
        Best Wishes


      • You make it too personal, Mr. Roland. The “criminals” are also deluded. What President has not engaged in the war fields? The empire is an abstract. You and I might do the same if we had that vantage point.


      • This blog is only as effective as it is read, discussed, engaged, and shared. It is more important to have comments that challenge than to have ones that agree. The more spirited and illuminating the discussion, the more other readers are impacted.


  2. I figured out Obama was a scam once he started appointing Wall Street folks to his cabinet, then he bailed out Wall Street and the too big to jail banks, oh, god the list is tedious and goes on and on. So at least I only voted for this fraud once, but many people still refuse to see through the b.s.

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  3. I recently saw an episode of Death Valley Days where Ronald Reagan played an animal lawyer representing a plaintiff suing a dog killer. What is the deal with actors pretending to be good?


  4. I voted for him twice and have been disappointed. I don’t like most of what Trump is doing, but I’m equally disgusted with the clueless Democrats, the witless pundits, and the intolerant and self-righteous whiners in academe. A pox on all their houses.


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