The Paris Climate Accords Are a Joke

Progressives and environmentalists are disparaging Donald Trump for his absurd rejection of climate science.

Equally absurd is the notion that the Paris Accords will make any appreciable difference in climate change.

The most delusional lie ever told is that politicians can impact climate change.

Campaigning on promises of saving the planet and making the world better for our grandchildren is nothing but a hoax. Last year, Hillary Clinton did just that.

We are in the Holocene Extinction, the sixth mass extinction in the planet’s history, It has been primarily caused by the industrial revolution (read: capitalism).

Scrambling to change to green energy, decreasing our carbon footprints, reducing greenhouse gas emissions etc, are like trying to turn the tide with teacups. It is pissing into the wind. It won’t make a difference at all,

And Hillary knew it.

Trump, on the other hand, doesn’t care.

But the effect of either of them in office would not change the climate or slow the inevitable destruction that is coming.

Neither Trump nor Hillary would do anything about climate change.

Hillary could not. Donald will not.

Of the two approaches, Hillary’s is the more contemptible, because she knew it was a lie, and she kept telling it anyway.

The reality is that unless we were to violently, and quickly, overthrow capitalism, climate change is unstoppable.

No politician would ever admit as much. In the US and most of the world, capitalism rules society and owns government.

The preservation of power and markets is infinitely more important to the powers that be than are any considerations of the future of the environment.

To stop or reverse the effects of two centuries of capitalist industrialization would require dismantling Western civilization. An immediate end to manufacturing, to extracting oil, banning coal, stopping power plants, ending transportation, abolishing animal agriculture.

Trump’s approach is not really any different than Obama’s or Hillary’s. Nothing any of them did, do, or might do would make any difference.

The absurdity of Trump critics panning his denier appointees is realized when no one is calling for measures that might actually work to stop climate change.

Climate change is merely an excuse to attack Trump, and is as disingenuous as the absurd climate proposals Hillary offered in 2016 or that Obama touted during his presidency.




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8 thoughts on “The Paris Climate Accords Are a Joke

  1. Climate change has nothing to do with our climate as Christiana Figures, U.N.executive secretary of the U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change stated in Brussels that it is a scam to eliminate capitalism and redistribute income as our communist Barack Hussein Obama wanted to do.


    • Lol! Obama was no more a communist than was Reagan. He was a tool of Wall Street and the military-industrial complex. He did nothing to redistribute wealth.
      Stopping global warming will require ending capitalism, a plan no one is advocating, except possibly myself and a handful of revolutionaries.


  2. The Paris Climate Accord is a farce. It presents the illusion that world leaders are working to save the planet. At the same time those leaders promise more: more growth, more development, more jobs, more drilling and extraction, more housing tracts moving into wilderness areas and deserts. Big Ag peomises more fertilizers and pesticides for bigger harvests and ranchers graze more methane-producing victims for the slaughter industry. Individuals are not interested in making sacrifices, reducing consumption, or controlling their own reproduction. Climate change is more of a political weapon than a solution to our destruction of the earth and the other lives who share it with us.

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