Some Rats Dream, Some Rats Cry.

V Kind

sp_july12017I didn’t plan on getting more, but as I’m sure many of you understand, the way this works is often different…. so yesterday, two rats joined my pack to live alongside the previous four, of two girls, and two boys. The new boys, are unwanted, and arrived at my home by taxi, carried carefully by a simultaneously bemused, and slightly terrified taxi driver, and after getting them settled in, they were left to rest for the night.

The photo you see, is how I found them this morning.

I stood quietly by their cage so as not to disturb them, and I was moved by how soundly they were sleeping; their fate in the hands of any human their path would have crossed, but here they are to stay, till they don’t need a home anymore.

I watched these tiny creatures, whose personalities I don’t even know yet, but their…

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4 thoughts on “Some Rats Dream, Some Rats Cry.

  1. I adoped two rats from a shelter and named them Poppy and Pansy. Along with recommended rat food they got extras. Their favorites were strawberries and the fresh ground peanut butter from a local deli. They were delightful little creatures. I never had any more after the rescue cats came. I didn’t want any accidental small casualties.

    I “adopted” instead at Tiny Toes Rat Rescue in New Mexico. One day when I was emailing with the woman at the sanctuary, she told me about a disturbing phone call she received earlier in the day. It was from some nasty jerk who yelled at her for helping rats. Our real human exceptionalism lies in our being the only truly ugly species!


  2. I was a rat parent as a kid, and they were great characters, and very clean despite their bad press. Horrifying to know what they endure in labs, pet stores, etc. Can’t even afford to properly care for any dependents now, but just wish all the overbreeding and abuse of all species would end. wishful thinking I guess until humans cause their own extinction. Just waiting. And I really love the vegan quote. Should memorize it to answer the idiots who say being vegan is immaterial. Not to the animals you don’t eat. At least try not to be complicit or contribute to the misery we put our fellow earthlings through.

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  3. Lovely story. Rats have invaded my attic and ruined loads of stuff, but I just don’t have the heart to harm them. Every few months I throw some mothballs or peppermint around and they leave for a while… Do yourself a favor and read a terrific little book by Terry Pratchett: “The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents” told from the perspective of a cat and his friends, the rats. I think it must be close to the way rats think 

    Blessings, Jane ~^..^~ Denali’s Legacy Arctic Dog Rescue  ~^..^~ Each day, a person who eats a vegan diet saves 1,100 gallons of water, 45 pounds of grain, 30 square feet of forested land, 20 pounds of CO2 equivalent, and ONE ANIMAL’S LIFE.   Food is GROWN – NOT BORN. Food has DIRT – NOT BLOOD. Food does NOT have a family and a heartbeat.


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