Using Drone Technology for the Animals

One of the first people to employ drones in the fight to protect animals was my good friend Steve Hindi, of SHARK, who used them to frighten off animals being hunted.

Those modest beginnings suggest remarkable opportunities for animal activists to use drones even more effectively.

Drones can be outfitted with firearms, affording vigilantes the ability to attack animal abusers from great distances.

Drones can be outfitted with explosive devices, allowing for major attacks against animal abusing facilities.

Against testing laboratories, vivisection venues, slaughterhouses, bullrings, racetracks, et al.

Animal activists must learn to fly drones.

And to enlist the help of those who can arm them.



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8 thoughts on “Using Drone Technology for the Animals

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  2. I was surprised by your comment that SHARK used drones to “frighten off” animals being hunted — it is a fact that the drones are instrumental in exposing the cruelty of the abusers – videotaping illegal or immoral actions taken against the animals, never used to harm them in any way, definitely never to “frighten” them. Please restate or retract or further clarify that post.


  3. Steve Hindi is one of the most effective animal activists in the world. He and his organization, SHARK, go into the field, risking life and limb to expose the cruelty of hunting, rodeos, and live pigeon shoots.
    I am sure his enemies would love to paint him as a vigilante, based upon my mentioning him in this post.
    But no such luck for the animal abusers! While I advocate using force against animal abusers, Steve does not.


  4. I thought the drones were a great idea when Hindi’s group, SHARK, was using them trying to stop the pidgeon shoots in Pennsylvania. If I remember correctly, at least one was shot down. I think he might have used a drone to document some of the “backstage” cruelty at rodeos.

    I suspect the abusers will fight back with drone destruction and include drone pictures as part of their ag-gag laws.

    Liked by 1 person

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