My Ruminations of a Septuagenarian Jew

My friend Joseph Berson (he goes by Jay) is 77. With glasses, a little less hair and a few more teeth, he would bear an uncanny resemblance to Bernie Sanders. Jay’s political positions are closer to Bernie’s than are mine.

We have have spirited discussions and hours of discourse every week.

He is an avid politico, with an encyclopedic knowledge of history and anecdotes to accompany almost any election cycle, contest, or candidate he cares to expound upon.

Prior to the Democratic Convention last year, we frequently bumped into each other at Target and Home Depot, and hit off a wonderful friendship. Jay’s wife, Lola, is 92 and sharp as a tack. I feel like I have known them forever.

We see each other every week or so and thoroughly enjoy each other’s company.

Over the past year we spoke about Bernie, Hillary, and Trump almost daily online or by phone. Jay pored over my blog articles and shared radical memes to my wall.

The only thing we seemed to disagree upon was Trump.

During the 2016 Republican primaries, I came to the conclusion that Donald Trump was the most gifted politician I had ever seen, and likely the most gifted since Abraham Lincoln. I wrote extensively on Trump and Hillary during the general election campaign, and had no illusions that Jay would support Hillary over Trump. Like many liberals he equated Trump’s bombast and immigration positions to 1930s European fascism.

Last November he voted for Clinton and I voted for Stein. And we both wished Bernie were president.

Looking forward we have opposite views of the 2018 midterms.

I advocate progressives primarying every corporate Democrat and Hilbot to weaken them in the general election. Jay is horrified at the suggestion, lamenting the increased Republican House and Senate majorities such a strategy would yield.

Our discussions lead to little ground given, but are enormously entertaining and intellectually stimulating.

I have been a professional political strategist since 1976. I wish I had known Jay these 41 years. No telling how much more successful I might have been!



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3 thoughts on “My Ruminations of a Septuagenarian Jew

  1. I read this with enthusiasm as one of the many things this country is neglecting or ignoring is the wealth of information, gained from real- life experience, available from our “elders”. Bernie highlighted the fact that people over 60 can, and want to be active members of society.
    However, I take issue with your continued promotion of trump. I guess your use of “gifted” to describe trump is a palatable way of saying he is ” cunning” or “calculating”, usually used as perjoratives.
    I think you believe that he and others like him will bring down the health of the planet, obliterate with impunity the life of other animals, and increase the gulf between the haves and have – nots to the point of causing a total revelation/revolution by americans. I think you have seriously overestimated your fellow citizens.
    I sincerely wish I could believe that human beings will finally see how our anthropocentric lifestyles and so- called values have caused misery not only to ourselves but to every other living being on this planet, but the history of our species tells another story altogether.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I voted the same way in 2016 as you Roland. I believe the establishment Neo-liberal Dems must be defeated in the Primaries by Progressive Dems. This is a winning strategy, for defeating the Pubs, in the General election.

    Liked by 1 person

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