The Passing Of A Rat Ambassador

V Kind

mr.pngI’m sad to write another rat related post, after announcing the arrival of the recent additions (who for the record, are not boys at all!).

For the last two hours, I’ve been trying to stop myself from crying, and form some kind of sense with the feelings I have, and what I want to write.

Tonight, Alice, affectionately known as Miss Rat, passed away in my arms, and I am devastated. And I’m angry.

Yes. Over a rat.

Alice was a special needs rat, who arrived here in November 2015, at just under 4 weeks old, along with her two brothers (who were supposedly girls because they were “all black”…); she was always the small one, but also the brave one.


It was evident she wasn’t doing as well physically as the others, and as she grew, so did her health problems, among which were respiratory issues, and the nerves…

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