Those Who Abuse Animals, Those Who Care, and Those Who Do Not Give a Shit

by Marcia Mueller

The question most animal activists ask themselves: Why do some people care about animal suffering while others show no concern and may even be guilty of abuse?

Studies suggest that empathy does have a genetic component. Those who are AA or AG seem to show less or no empathy.

Most abusers will not change because they lack empathy, have character flaws, or are psychotic.

So the question is, What is to be done to stop their torture of animals? Obviously, much of what we’re doing now does not work.

If people cannot be taught empathy, humane education will not prevent cruelty and the slap-on-the-wrist punishment of community service or anger management will not improve behavior. Maybe the answer is to enact laws that focus on those most likely to be guilty with different kinds of prevention and with punishments that really hurt.

For example, we could try the following:
• Develop animal cruelty registries in every state and municipality that provide names, pictures, and background of abusers that are available to the public and to shelters. Abusers could be more readily identified for abuses committed. People on the registries could be prevented from owning animals.
• Make spaying/neutering and microchipping mandatory in order to trace ownership in cases of kidnapping and to cut back on the unwanted animals who are homeless and are easy to seize as victims.
• Make animal abuse a felony with mandatory sentencing guidelines that prosecutors and judges cannot circumvent.

The point is that abusers might not care about the pain they cause animals, but they might fear the very real punishment of fines, jail time, and the bad publicity from registers.

Animal advocates could be counted on to support harsher laws and have been calling for them for years.

That leaves the “normal” people, the general population, who would have to support stricter laws. Edmund Burke once noted that evil triumphs when good people do nothing. Unfortunately, good people have not done enough for animals for far too long. Until they start demanding better anti-cruelty laws, they are enabling the abusers.



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8 thoughts on “Those Who Abuse Animals, Those Who Care, and Those Who Do Not Give a Shit

  1. I have been an animal ” rescuer” for most of my adult life. I currently have several adopted dogs and 3 cats that were abused/neglected, and two PMU mares.
    I have worked in both an employment and volunteer capacity for animal “shelters” and was a veterinary technician in a private clinic. I also served as an animal cruelty investigator for a law enforcement agency.
    I can honestly, but sadly, state that we should phase out the breeding of ALL “domesticated” animals. Most human beings can always be counted on to do whats best for themselves and other humans, first, last, and always.
    ” Pets” will always be at a human’s mercy for even the basic things in life. Because of this, they can never have anything close to true ” rights” ; they will always be our slaves( even the so- called pampered ones). “Cruelty” laws are very weak, full of loopholes, and do not include several species of animals. The punitive effect is already weakened by not using the terms ” assault”, ” murder” , etc . Even these watered- down versions of “animal protection” are difficult to effectively enforce, rarely prosecuted and omit several species of animals( usually the ones who need the most protection). I would rather not be born than to live out my life as a possession of another being, to do with as they wish.

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  2. Good ideas and should be implemented (I’ll ask my local legislature)……however the big problem is the food industry.


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