Thought of the Day. On pet and human overpopulation. August 12, 2017

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Today’s Thought:

Don’t breed, adopt. Goes for humans as well.


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3 thoughts on “Thought of the Day. On pet and human overpopulation. August 12, 2017

  1. If only people would follow this dictum, we would at least make a start on reversing overpopulation and the many problems that come with it, like war, climate change, species extinction, etc, etc. Too bad most humans are too egotistical to forego a chance to spread their wonderful, unique genes. It’s the same conceit that makes people think their lives are worth so much more than any non-human, regardless of how worthless they really are. I’m starting to think that the millions of people reproducing multiple times, even though they don’t properly care for the kids they already have, are equal to those who run commercial breeding facilities, puppy mills, or the like. Difference being their spawn will be around, likely doing more damage to the world, considering their DNA, for decades, whereas the unfortunates born into factory farms or breed-for-profit hellholes will only last a few miserable months or years. Here in Canada, the supposedly “progressive” government gives anyone earning up to $200,000 yearly, a large monthly payment for each new child they bring into the world. They call this bribe the child tax credit, and it did succeed in getting them elected. The punchline is that Trudeau calls himself a feminist and environmentalist, but his policies are anything but. At least Trump makes no bones about hating women, animals, and the environment. But our great leader comes in a prettier package, and talks a good game, so he gets on the cover of Rolling Stone. I’ll never understand the human race, and really believe it best that we extinct ourselves before we do any more damage.And I had such great hopes for mad cow disease to effect some needed population control, but unfortunately, only the cattle suffered, making me doubt the existence of Karma.


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