100% Vegan


“100% vegan? Me!”



by Paul Pinfield



Well, yes, and no.


As I consider it, and as it was originally defined, veganism is the ongoing, realised commitment to reducing, and hopefully eliminating, the suffering of other similarity sentient creatures. So yes, you can be 100% vegan.


However, for whatever reason, and we should doubt that the subtleties of propagandist manipulation are entirely lost on those who profit from exploiting Animals, veganism has become obsessed with qualification in terms of the support and use of Animal derived “products”.


“You’re In, but You, who once saw a butcher’s van, are Out!”


Unless you live with the detachment of an Airian, sat incommunicado on a spike, up a Himalaya, you are not going to be 100% vegan. You’re reading this on a device containing Animal parts, so you’re screwed, right there!


All very fine and semantical, i hear you cry, but as a movement so abhorred and criticised by carnists and business interests alike invoking the term at all, without clumsy explanation, just moves the target closer, when we need to be putting it back… a long way… preferably behind a tree.


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