On Humans Evolving from Here

Armory contributor Paul Pinfield postulates on the purpose of human intellect and it’s evolutionary implications



“But humans are carnivores/omnivores!” 

by Paul Pinfield

I consider it of little consequence “what” we are.. omnivore , carnivore or lapsed ovo-dactarivore! For every bit of evidence i can come up with to “prove” to my mind that we are This, you will be able to come up with a “proof” to satisfy yours, that we are That. 

What’s much more interesting to my mind is what’s possible. 

     Good or bad, progressive or regressive, in some ways our specie is very different to even our closest relative. Our capacity to store and retrieve information and our sophisticated technologies clearly set us apart from the rest. But to what end? Of course there isn’t necessarily a Purpose, but somehow Is and Isn’t became sequenced into a third thing, which in turn eventually became the cell phone!  All of which implies intent, so it’s not unreasonable to consider there is some Purpose. Though thus far, defining it has largely been the work of fools and charlatans. 

So, to what end, this big brain? We can just invent something, can’t we? We can say, perhaps, our purpose on this planet is to worship Captain Beardy, get forgiven for fuck-knows-what, and go to the Nice Place when we die. Or maybe to behave well so we get reincarnated as a rich bastard. 

     But these are stupid, self serving Inventions of Purpose. They’re based  around stories that have no relation to what passes for reality.  So what would be a sound, real purpose.. what would be the very best purpose to a human life? To know that you have to look at what is the most essential, the most fundamental element of our existence..

    The, strongest motivational force that acts on us, a force that leaves all others in it’s wake, is avoidance of pain and suffering. Even rampant sex drive is instantly quelled by a decent toothache. 

    Our single greatest moral imperative should be that when our personal suffering is eliminated, or at a manageable level, we try to bring that same state to others. Every action potential can be qualified by it’s impact on suffering. To decide where we administer this balm we have to consider the probability of our making sound decisions  as to what might constitute Help, rather than Hindrance. We make sounder judgements about those things with which we are most familiar and of which we have most experience, so, naturally our fellow humans. We know how we hurt, how we grieve, what hunger is, therefore we can make good guesses at how to help reduce human pain, if it can be reduced. 

     We now know beyond all reasonable doubt that a Pig suffers as do we. Physiology, neurology and observation tell us that the Pig doesn’t grieve and hurt in a similar way to the human, but in precisely the same way. 

     Within the frame of reference of by far the most essential trait we possess you, me and Percy Pig are the same creature. The significant relative differences between you and Percy, and you and a Chinaman are negligible. Both others look different, behave differently and make largely unintelligible noises, but for one you would readily contract out for the systematic imposition of suffering and premature death. 

This is a deeply immoral act. 

     No matter what your Dad did, how long your gut is, how big your canine teeth are… you have it in your power to reduce the suffering of those who amount to your brothers and sisters, at no cost to yourself … today. 

If this big brain is to serve any purpose greater than the design of a pen that writes inverted, is this not it?.. 

     The proactive commitment by a relatively new and bigger brain to overturn the past and bring a kinder future to Others. 

If this isn’t Evolution, then what is?

10 thoughts on “On Humans Evolving from Here

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  2. I think humans are the curse of this planet, because millions, if not billions, of humans are genetically flawed. All the high intelligence and other lofty characteristics that we automatically attribute to every single human, in fact do not exist in the majority of humans. The history of humanity is littered with ruthless vicious killers capable of gruesome atrocities and insatiable greed. In contrast there are only a handful of humans who contributed to all the advances that we all enjoy today. The only contribution that a big brain makes for millions of humans, is how to be even more vicious and cruel.

    Two men on a speed boat, hooked a shark and dragged the shark until the animals was ripped to pieces while the two were laughing and enjoying themselves. The shark kills to eat and shark attacks on humans are very few an accidental. But what these two freaks of nature did was for fun! They were having fun destroying an animal in the most vicious way. And yet, for 99% of the people it is unacceptable that these two freaks should be punished for excessive and unnecessary cruelty.

    Bosch painted hell scenes depicting demons torturing humans. I think if he was alive today, he would replace the faces of his demons with humans faces and the humans being tortured with animals being tortured. Except that the humans we know torture animals who have committed no sins except being animals.


  3. It would be nice to think the big brain evolved for something better than building bombs and designing bigger and faster slaughterhouses to kill billions of other earthlings. But if we don’t get the message and redeem ourselves pretty soon, we’ll destroy the planet and whatever animal lives are left.

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  4. You make the same point I have arrived it in that Animal Rights/Veganism and Atheism are naturally intertwined, but many in either camp don’t yet share this vision. Many atheists are oblivious to animal suffering and many vegans are religious which doesn’t make sense to me. Am still learning how to navigate among the two camps and am attempting to make them see the “missing” link that would better define them since I find that when I’m among one group i feel the other part is missing.

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