Let Justice Be Done, Though the Heavens Fall!

If the animal movement had a motto, it would be “Fiat justitia, ruat caelum,” a Latin legal term which translates to “Let justice be done though the heavens fall.”

Like the animal movement itself, the concept that justice should be done whatever the consequences, is the most seditious idea in law.

For if justice were to be done for the animals, it would mean the end of our legal systems. The end of capitalism. The end of civilization.

Imagine a just world for animals!

Can you?

A world where animals lives were considered as important as human lives.

An end to animal ownership. An end to animal abuse, exploitation, slaughter.

No more animal agriculture. No more zoos. No more bullfighting, sealing, whaling, hunting, or fishing.

If justice were to be done for the animals, animals would have the same rights to be free of slavery, imprisonment, abuse, and murder, that we humans claim for ourselves.

The only humans who actually believe in justice are animal activists.

Everyone else is complicit, in varying degrees, in the injustices suffered by the animals.




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5 thoughts on “Let Justice Be Done, Though the Heavens Fall!

  1. “For if justice were to be done for the animals, it would mean the end of our legal systems. The end of capitalism. The end of civilization.” I agree it would be the end of our legal systems, and capitalism but not the end of civilization. It would be the start of a true civilization where the hairless apes, us humans with our allegedly higher brain power, will finally do the right things and take responsibility for our actions and stewardship for our environment and fellow creatures. What is our current model for civilization? It is excess and overindulgence until everything we have built crashes and becomes forgotten.


  2. The very idea–that the law should provide justice! There will be no justice from Law or mercy from Religion for the nonhuman species on this planet. Not as long as 99.9% of the 8 billion H. sapiens is in control.

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  3. Precisely. A completely different way of thinking and living, everywhere on this planet, will be needed in order for animals to have moral equity with humans. Are we ready to make the commitment and the sacrifice that will be necessary for this to occur?

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  4. Given the way carbon assisted climate change is happening perhaps one day it will just be some animals – or maybe only insects – that will be ruling this planet. The humble ant and bee may have their day yet…

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