Duh! The DNC is NOT the Democratic Party

Since the scurrilous activities of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) began to become common knowledge, and the reprehensible conduct of Hillary, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile, et al, demonstrated how corrupt the Democratic leadership was, and is, many outraged Bernie supporters and disenchanted Democrats have been clamoring that progressives should abandon the party and join the Greens or implore Bernie to found a progressive party himself.

Those pushing this idiotic strategy are working from a script that could have been written by Hillary’s own handlers.

They argue that the party itself is corrupt and that there is no possibility that a progressive could ever win the Democratic nomination.

And they point to the DNC to prove their points.


How stupid are people?

The DNC is NOT the Democratic party.

The DNC is a group of political hacks and sycophants who administer the party’s presidential primary and caucus schedules and set the procedures for the next upcoming national convention.

The Democratic party, on the other hand, is a voluntary association of voters in all 50 states and territories who wish to participate in it’s elections and activities.

Generally, Democratic elected officials are increasingly controlled by donors and special interests as the offices they hold are more powerful.

Corporate bribes are seldom spread around precincts or to aldermen, while those in Congress and the Senate are awash in bribes.

The result is as predictable as it is pernicious: the Democratic leadership is considerably out of step with the rank-and-file, the party’s leadership is more conservative than is the party as a whole, and the rank-and-file are much more progressive than are the party’s officeholders.

Fortunately, only a relative handful of progressive malcontents has bought into running away from the Democratic party. The tiny blip of the Greens on the poitical radar is testimony to the futility of any third party challenge to the two party system.

Progressives are challenging corporate Democrats at all levels, from county committees to primarying incumbent Clintonites.

To win control of the party machinery and to nominate progressives, corporate Democrats must be defeated, even if that means electing lunatic Republicans in their stead.

Corporate Democrats offer no substantive improvement over Republican policies on climate change, Wall Street, private money in politics, bribes of government officials, support for big banks, Big Oil. Big Ag, the military-industrial complex, military adventurism, endless wards, and a foreign policy of empire.

It could not get much worse than it is now. But even if it were to do so, the strategic effect of a Scorched Earth approach by progressives would assure one of two outcomes. The Democratic party will become progressive or it will become irrelevant.



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One thought on “Duh! The DNC is NOT the Democratic Party

  1. Nope. I don’t agree with this. The DNC are the so-called “leaders” of those calling themselves Democrats. The leaders are corrupt and, i suspect, if they are ever removed, their successors will be the same. The leaders made up “superdelegates,” screwed Sanders, and screwed the public. Unlike workers in Exxon who may be receptionists and can’t be blamed for the pollution caused by the company’s execs, the DNC leaders really are from the members.

    The Green Party might have won had Sanders supported Stein but, like the DNC, he became the opportunist and went what was supposedly the “clear winner.” He, and the DNC choosing Clinton, screwed us all.

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