Anyone But Trump vs Anyone But a Corporate Democrat

In 2016, the corporate Democrats thought they were going to win the nomination with Hillary, but Bernie Sanders was posing a serious challenge to the establishment kingmakers. In response, they touted “Vote Blue, No Matter Who,” to appease disgruntled progressives and to give the appearance of even-handedness and a willingness to work with progressives.

Enough progressives recognized that Hillary and her Wall Street owners were as dangerous, perhaps more so, than was Trump. Democrats in the Rust Belt rejected Hillary’s trade policies and handed the presidency to the Republicans.

2020 promises to be a repeat of 2016 if corporate Democrats nominate another Clintonite. If progressives cannot be persuaded to support a corporate Democrat against Trump, he will win another term.

So the corporate Democrats are trotting out another strategy to drum up as much hysteria as possible against Trump. Calling him a racist, a fascist, a xenophobe, a second coming of Hitler, etc. Anything to cause the political left to consider Trump far worse than is any corporate Democrat.

Their game plan for 2020 is “Anybody But Trump.”

The progressives’ game plan must be “Anyone But a Corporate Democrat.”

Corporate Democrats offer no substantive improvement over Republican policies on climate change, Wall Street, private money in politics, bribes of government officials, support for big banks, Big Oil. Big Ag, Big Pharma, the healthcare lobby, the military-industrial complex, military adventurism, endless wars, and a foreign policy of empire.

Only progressive Democrats threaten the status quo.

And the biggest impediment to changing the status quo is not Trump or the Republicans.

The biggest impediment to changing the status quo is the corporate Democratic leadership and their Wall Street owners.





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