Earth to Humanity: Go Vegan or Die

A brilliant observation by Armory contributor George Martin.



Earth to Humanity: Go Vegan or Die


by George Martin

Nature is blackmailing humanity into going vegan—and it’s a blackmail I fully support.

There are 2 parts to this blackmail:

1. Antibiotic resistance due to antibiotics given to animals in farming: If humans continue to eat animals and the things that come out of them, strands of resistant bacteria will continue to evolve and spread, and gradually kill off humans, with science helpless to defeat it because those bacteria are already resistant to the drugs science has. By 2050, it is estimated that 10 million humans will die each year as a result of antibiotic resistance, with animal agriculture playing the largest part in this, as that’s the industry where the most antibiotics are used. Check out the short documentary ‘Swine’:

2. Resource war: Human population is growing and growing, and with a growing human population comes a growing number of animals who’ll be bred to feed those people. The average meat/dairy/egg eater currently require 10 times more crops and to feed than the average vegan (due to the crops used to raise livestock), plus all the water needed to raise animals for their food (both for the animal to drink and to grow the crops needed to feed them). With a finite resource basin, countries across the globe will struggle to feed its people, and nations will end up killing and destroying each other over resources and land if the world does not change how it eats—a terrifying prospect when we consider the availability of nuclear weapons and how lax countries are at selling arms to terror groups.

So yeah, to be blunt: nature is basically telling humanity, “Go vegan, or I’ll kill you”. And hey, who can blame it?

12 thoughts on “Earth to Humanity: Go Vegan or Die

  1. We have been warned of overpopulation for more than two centuries, from Thomas Malthus to Garrett Hardin to William R. Catton, Jr., to Paul Ehrlich. And they have found that advocating human population control can be political suicide and risk accusations of political incorrectness, alarmism, misanthropy, and racism. The world population continues to grow, while major religions condemn birth control and politicians try to defund Planned Parenthood.

    Concerns about antibiotic resistance and impending disease outbreaks are often countered by the “cargo myth,” that is, technology will come to our rescue. Big Pharma will develop vaccines and new antibiotics that will save humanity from the plagues that its own greed and stupidity cause.

    Until the new vaccines and antibiotics are ready, we save ourselves by other methods. A few years ago, bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease) broke out in England. People were reassured that the problem was taken care of as news casts showed funeral pyres and burial trenches for all the cows whose lives were taken to protect human health. It was discovered that BSE is caused by giving cows feed containing byproducts of the slaughterhouse—namely, other dead cows. But it was cheap and boosted the bottom line.

    On October 19 Reuters reported a new strain of avian flu, H7N9, which can spread among birds and possibly cause a human pandemic. If verified, we know what to expect. Millions of chickens will be smothered in foam, buried alive, fed to wood chippers, or in the case of chicks in a Chinese city, boiled alive in huge caldrons, 30,000 a day. When the danger for humans appears to be over, millions more birds will restock the factory sheds to produce eggs and nuggets.

    Faith in technology will also allow us to ignore many of the resource problems. We will find new ways to recycle waste water, to desalinize salt water, to dig deeper wells. Maybe we can develop crops that do not needs as much moisture. Maybe we can genetically alter animals to do with less feed. Surely there will be new and better fertilizers that can restore depleted soils so even more grains can be grown and harvested.

    As conditions get worse, there are still countries with vacant space. People from crowded areas facing desertification can migrate there.

    Hell, if all else fails we can rocket off to another planet. That should give us a few thousand more years of reckless behavior before we have to move on again.

    Ridiculous? Yes. But our species seems too self-centered, too short-sighted, too petrified in political and religious indoctrination to face realty, to sacrifice, or to change.

    We will never get enough people to revolt for the animals and the planet. If political chaos and hatred around the world actually lead to a revolution, animals will be the last ones to benefit.

    The earth will be left to make the decision that it is had enough of us. And the sooner, the better.

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  3. Watched the ‘Swine’ documentary – a real shocker. I believe there is now more interest in veganism. Heard an interview with the owner of a new crowd-funded restaurant that is offering a 100% vegan burger and I think McDonald’s are also now offering one. Times they are a ‘changin.

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  4. It is Capitalism and the profit motive that will destroy civilization: more jobs needed for more people, more consumption, more destruction of the land for houses, roads, farms, more strife due to more people. Abd you need more people to buy stuff to provide jobs for even more people. Veganism to save society? I doubt it will. And veganism will only work to save animals if more people adopt it.

    I am not optimistic for the animals or for the earth. I am happy i am old.

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  5. Good point and Yes it makes sense~!!! But it proves once more people do not “think”. They beleive what they are told and don’t beleive food that is dangerous/un-health would be legal.

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