You say you wanna revolution?

The Brooklyn Culture Jam

Oh, John Lennon. It was so easy back then. 

(a video of the Beatles’ REVOLUTION. I do not have anybody’s right to share this, so I expect I’ll have to take it down soon, hopefully without Vevo taking legal action). 

I had written an absurd post a couple months ago about impeaching Mike Pence before anyone goes after Trump. It was tongue-in-cheek, a reference to the drop-off of support for impeaching Trump. I began this year with relatively high hopes. People (primarily the people who’d adamantly supported Clinton, but also a lot of people who’d supported Sanders) were earnestly announcing formation of groups to work to remove Trump from office. I was getting notes from everyone I knew on FB along the lines of ‘Join UP!’

And then nothing.

What People quickly understood after the Women’s Marches in January was that there was no Constitutional mechanism for a do-over. The Founders…

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