On Order vs Chaos


One thought on “On Order vs Chaos

  1. This analogy is cute but it doesn’t fit. Bernie is right that the Party is the Titanic, so we are preparing a lifeboat for Bernie and the other progressive Democrats.We are forming a coalition of smaller progressive parties, which already includes the Green Party, Democratic Socialists of America, Draft Bernie for a People’s Party, Progressive Independent Party and many more.

    We are converging to form a single brand new party that will be guided by the will of the people. We will not take corporate contributions, so we will not be beholden to special interests. Bernie proved that we don’t need their help to win a national election.

    We will follow the model of the Republican Party when it formed to replace the Whig Party and elected Abraham Lincoln in less than four years. We have the advantage today of instant communication, so it will be far easier for us to reach the majority of Americans with our message.

    The corporate Democratic leadership has sold its soul to the Plutocracy. It is only different from the Republican Party in that it hypocritically pretends that it still represents the good of the people. It will drown in a sea of its own corruption, and the people of this country will be better off.


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