Punish Incumbents

The surest way to impact public policy is to impact elected officials. And the most effective way to impact public officials is to threaten their incumbencies.

The animal movement has little political influence. And that is a generous assessment. Animal issues are not on the public’s radar, so they are not on politicians’ radar either.

Even among progressives there are precious few who are committed to animal protection, let alone to animal rights or veganism.

Unlike progressives like Bernie Sanders, animal activists owe no allegiance to the Democratic party.

And it makes no difference to the animals being tortured and murdered whether the lobbyists for Big Ag and Big Pharma bribed Republicans or Democrats to vote for the terror to happen.

A poll conducted 4 years ago revealed that animal activists do not vote as an influential bloc. We squander what strategic power we could wield. We are actually as much a part of the problem as are those who do not give a damn about animals.

Consider: the poll showed that animal activists split their votes by 55% Democrat to 45% Republican. The forty five percent voting Republican cancelled out all but ten percent of those voting Democrat. Which means the entire animal activist vote amounts to only ten percent of the number of animal activists voting. Instead of using 100% of our voting power, we use only 10% of it.

And we are using the ten percent incredibly stupidly, as it is going to Democrats without regard to their positions on animal agriculture and vivisection.

To effectively use our voting power means that as much of a consensus as possible must be reached within the animal activist community.

This article seeks to promote such a consensus by offering a strategy that is logical, easily understood and shared, and most importantly, promises to be very effective.

We must employ single-issue voting.

Not a new idea. Single issue voting has been the highly successful strategy of the Pro-Life movement for decades.

That strategy has resulted in a Republican party in which it is virtually impossible for a pro-choice candidate to be nominated for office.

Animal protection and animal rights are ignored in public discourse. Virtually ignored in political platforms. Missing in debates.

All because we do not exercise our collective political power to force the issues to be addressed.

And we do not base our votes on animal issues.

It is time we do so.

The litmus test we should use is whether a candidate receives bribes from Big Ag or Big Pharma.

In many cases both parties’ candidates will be on the take from Big Ag and Big Pharma, with the incumbent getting the most. Any incumbent who has gotten bribes from animal exploiters has voted against animals.

We should punish them at the ballot box.

The cumulative effect of close races being decided by dedicated voters willing to elect or defeat candidates solely on their loyalties to Big Ag and Big Pharma will be, inexorably, to drive the parties to nominate animal friendly candidates in toss-up races.

The goal is to take out incumbents, not to vote for minor parties to satisfy our sense of righteousness.

If the incumbent is on the take from Big Ag or Big Pharma, we need to oust that incumbent. We must vote for whomever can defeat them, even if the challenger is as much of a scumbag as is the incumbent.

Such a strategy will create strange alliances in the short term, but will slowly drive animal issues to the upper regions of political discourse and media coverage.




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7 thoughts on “Punish Incumbents

  1. Looks at NJ Senators Menedez and Cory Booker who is a vegan. Both are strong on animal rights. Pets flying with companions instead of cargo was Senator Menedez.
    Cory Booker became a vegan. Out of his love of animals. This is just a couple names. Democrats still don’t know what issues people care about. But as the Tax Bill scam shows. Republicans care nothing about animals much less people who make less money then them. Just look at the sell outs to sign the tax bill. Alaska’s senator wanted drilling rights in The Artic. The animal rights cause is everything. It will always be a Democrat who will support the cause before any POS republican.


  2. Good advice, although last night a pro-choice candidate actually won in Alabama. So we have to consider how awful the opposing candidate is, like the fossilized hypocrite, Roy Moore.

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  3. Of course this is right. But how to get activists to come together is the issue. One aspect i see is that there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of animal rights/welfare groups. Each is looking for contributions and many have a single purpose, different than others. As a result money and efforts get diluted and very little gets done. if all groups could come together and tackle one issue at a time, we might have some political power and some money to bribe the “officials.” But this isn’t likely and I don’t see a solution.

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  4. I agree Roland. What is interesting is that in Europe it is consumer pressure that is forcing the farmers, retailers and food producers to change their methods. By 2025 many supermarkets such as Lidl will no longer sell shell eggs from caged chickens, and companies like Nestle are also buying into this.

    According to this article in The Guardian:

    “All the key supermarket chains are pledged to phase out shell eggs from caged hens by 2025. In practical terms, Compassion in World Farming recommends Soil Association-certified organic eggs for the highest welfare – they must be free-range and no controversial “beak trimming” is permitted – and failing that, free-range eggs from more traditional breeds of hen, because they are put under less pressure to produce. Caged eggs are still routinely used in food manufacturing and catering, but a growing number of companies, including Unilever, Sodexo and Nestlé, have also committed to sourcing only cage-free eggs in their global supply chains, again by 2025.”


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