Law values humans. Animals, not so much.

Miguel Angel Martinez Cerrada and his brother Paco slaughter a sheep for Easter at their family ranch in the tiny village of Zarzuela de Jadraque, Spain. (From the book What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets.) The sheep will be skinned, gutted, and hung in the cold house, and the meat will be eaten at Easter, when the extended family comes for dinner.

The Common Law doctrine of acting in defense of others allows the use of whatever appropriate force is necessary to prevent harm or death to another. One may use deadly force to prevent someone from killing another person.

The victim could be an imbecile or someone in a vegetative state. The perpetrator could be another Einstein or Schweitzer.

No allowances are made for the intellect of either.

The law so values human life that it permits extinguishing the life of anyone threatening it, without regard to the intellect, or even the sentience, of the supposed victim.

The test is whether or not the victim is human. It has nothing to do with the intelligence of the victim, the awareness of the victim, the ability of the victim to empathize with others or their ability to experience suffering.

A blastocyte is protected, but a mother anguishing over her non-human babies is not.

An hospital patient who is brain dead is accorded respect and protection while a conscious, feeling creature of another species is not.

Someone brings a knife to a human baby, they can be shot. Someone brings a knife to a puppy, calf, lamb, or kitten, and the rescuer would spend their life in prison.

Law does not serve animals. Nor does it tolerate animal rescuers and liberationists.

For animal advocates, law is a fiction that must be opposed and destroyed.

Or changed in the wake of revolution.



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4 thoughts on “Law values humans. Animals, not so much.

  1. Abdolutely. The era of anthropocentric-thinking needs to come swiftly to an end. Humans are just small, and in the totality of the universe, insignificant pieces of matter. We write bibles and “religious” texts to make ourselves feel important and necessary to the cosmos, but we are not.

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