Animal Rights Conference 2018, Another Wasted Opportunity

To The Organizers of the 2018 Animal Rights Conference:

Will there be anyone speaking at the conference acknowledging that we are losing?
That if we continue our present course of action the Animal Holocaust will never end?
That the human population is growing faster than the vegan population?
That the Animal Rights movement is part of the political left?
That only a paradigm shift in politics and government will lead to Animal Rights?
That capitalism is the primary cause of animal suffering?
That Republican and corporate Democratic legislators are opposed to all we do and stand for in the AR movement?
That the Animal Rights movement is greying?
That instead of cumbersome, expensive, self-congratulatory conferences we need online leadership training programs, webinars on the intersection of human and animal rights, revolutionary theory, political strategy, philosophy, history, and tactics?

If not, Why Not?

(For those unfamiliar with the annual Animal Rights conferences):

Each year an Animal Rights conference is held, alternating between Washington, DC and Los Angeles.

In my opinion it is a waste of time and money.
But it is mostly a waste of opportunity.

Organizations showcase themselves. Personalities posture.
Participants pat each other on the back and brag about their successes.

It is a mutual admiration love fest.

Which does the animals no good, or precious little.

Millions of dollars are wasted on air fares, hotel rooms, conference fees, restaurants, souvenirs and sightseeing.
Money which could have been spent effectively for the animals.

Talking heads take credit for this minor victory or that.
Egos need to be served, so there is no shortage of speakers.

But the speakers are preaching the same sermons to the same people. Year after year.

The biggest waste is the missed opportunity.
The opportunity to radicalize the AR movement.
The opportunity to develop political strategies.
The opportunity to coordinate effective recruitment.
The opportunity to train leadership.

A couple of days a year is not productive for training or educating.
We need outreach, curricula, ongoing recruitment on school campuses, online training conferences, seminars on revolutionary theory, political strategy and philosophy.

This is the 21st Century.
We hardly need to employ 20th Century technology in 19th Century venues.

The movement is in dire need of leadership.
Of ideas.
Of vision.


Armory Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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3 thoughts on “Animal Rights Conference 2018, Another Wasted Opportunity

  1. I appreciate and mostly agree with what you’ve said on the animal rights conference. I do agree with the ideas that you’ve laid out on how we should more effectively bring change. My question – what have you done in those lanes, to bring change? And are there opportunitieslike that that exist now? If so what are they and how do we get involved?


  2. I question whether the leaders of the various organizations would be willing to change if those changes would risk their position and if they had to deal with contentious and politically sensitive topics and choices.

    Some years ago, environmental organizations accepted the forecasts about human population and its dire effects on the planet. Yet they caved in when the topic because politically incorrect. Religious leaders condemned birth control and abortion, and human justice warriors demanded that every human being’s right to reproduce in desired numbers be maintained.

    Al Jazeera had an article that noted India was having a population boom of sorts. In vitro clinics were helping woman as old as their 70s become mothers in order to live up to the cultural imperative to have children. The population as of 2018 was estimated as 1,353,616,251 (almost 1-1/2 billion). I don’t mean to pick on India, since many countries have increasing populations. But would many animal organizations speak out freely about the issue since it affects animals, like the orangutans who burn to death when the forests are fired to create more farmland, or the gorillas who are killed and eaten for bushmeat when the logging opens up the forests, or the billions of pigs and cows transported by land and sea to be slaughtered. We need to talk about human overpopulation and how animals suffering because of it. But some object to limiting human beings to help animals—or the planet.
    That is just one topic that needs to be promoted. Another is the restriction on language that we have seen with the usual political correctness. But now topics are getting so politically sensitive that it can be difficult to talk about our issues without seriously offending someone.

    Then maybe we should work on how we do things. Some have wished for the merger of welfare and rights. I’m thinking that maybe it would be best to keep them separate. The welfarists could continue their good work advocating for change and new laws and educating people about their responsibilities for pets. They could continue the great work they are doing with rescues and maintaining sanctuaries.

    The rights group could plan ahead. We could formulate our mission statement and work on our goals without worrying about memberships and corporate sponsors. We could work against speciesism and for abolition. We would not have to worry about the tender sensibilities of those who can’t even admit we evolved from animals or cave in to political correctness. We could use the language we need and the comparisons that are apt but now being condemned. We could have training that might be perceived as too radical by welfarists.

    We might even lose some of the current progressives who are concerned about the sensitive issues and would maintain the species barrier. They sound more like the Religious Right when they say people cannot be compared to animals because it is dehumanizing and degrading. When Trump called the members of a terrible gang, MS-13, animals, politicians and pundits were quick to remind us that every person, no matter how bad, contained God’s spark of divinity.

    I’m not sure if those who feel that way would be willing to accept the comparisons between human and animal abuse we use as rhetorical devices and means of persuasion. Animal abuse flows from the same power imbalance that capitalism and the patriarchy produced. But for animals that power imbalance is worse. Animals are abused by men, women, and children in every group and culture, not just by white males. They suffer more extreme abuse and in greater numbers. We should not give in to those who claim to be offended by comparisons. We should speak up even if we need our own organizations, groups, and leaders to do it.

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