China Eats the World/China Wolfs Down Southeast Asia’s Wildlife

Exposing the Big Game

By: Gregory McCann

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4 thoughts on “China Eats the World/China Wolfs Down Southeast Asia’s Wildlife

  1. Yeah, I agree, they have the loudest and most annoying sounds but doesn’t the entire human species sans animal advocates?? “Xenoism”. Is that who we will become?? I’m all in for that. I think it just might be lots of fun to be a Xenophobic, especially if I don’t get arrested and rot in prison. How and we create an action plan based upon a proud and compassionate xenophobic philosophy?? Can xenophobia be activated in such a way as to embarrass the human race into altruism??? WTF not???

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    • You are right. Xenophobia and nationalism were a large part of Trump’s appeal, especially when framed in trade issues and China’s currency manipulations. Tactically, it may be easier to exploit that existing anti-Chinese sentiment than to develop compassionate sentiment for animals among the political left.


  2. Yes, the giant sucking sound comes from China, going after every living being on this planet. Nothing is safe from the human gullets, the trinket and collectible markets, or the medicine chests for old folk remedies and four-footed Viagra. They need to make sure the 1.5 billion population is well fed and on the way to 2 billion. Now I’ll shut up before I’m accused of xenophobia.


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