60% of world’s wildlife has been wiped out since 1970

The Extinction Chronicles

Problem more dire in Central, South America and Caribbean, study finds

The yellow-throated tanager inhabits high elevations in Peru, where many high-elevation species are declining, a new study has found. (Graham Montgomery/University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT)


Well over half the world’s population of vertebrates, from fish to birds to mammals, have been wiped out in the past four decades, says a new report from the World Wildlife Fund.

Between 1970 and 2014, there was 60 per cent decline, on average, among 16,700 wildlife populations around the world according to the 2018 edition of the Living Planet Reportreleased Monday.

“We’ve had a loss of nearly two-thirds, on average, of our wild species,” said James Snider, vice-president of science, research and innovation for WWF-Canada.

“The magnitude of that should be eye opening… We really are reaching a point where we’re likely to see species…

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5 thoughts on “60% of world’s wildlife has been wiped out since 1970

  1. I think that Democrats, Independents, Greens, liberals, the left and MOST importantly, PROGRESSIVES, should begin to aggressively exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. GO, GO NOW, and arm thyselves to the teeth before the Nazi Trump worshippers obtain absolute dictatorial power and overturn those very 2nd Amendment rights that you will need to survive.

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      • This is a wonderful vision that I pray will one day come to fruition, perhaps as an off-shoot of this website? Michelle Goldberg just published a piece in the New York Times about the “Socialist Rifle Association”, an organization with some 30 chapters around the country and that seeks to build an army of left-wing gun owners to counterbalance organizations like the NRA, currently in the thrall of Elmer Fudds and rightist zanies themselves being manipulated by corporate manufacturers of firearms and ammunition. The SRA advocates using the Second Amendment to insure that right-wing militias and fascists are not the only citizen groups with arms and the knowledge to use them effectively in a civil conflict. Being wary of joining together with socialists and progressives with their luke-warm or openly antagonistic attitude towards animal rights, I’d love to see an “Animal Rights Rifle Association.” An association of motivated, gun-owning animal rights advocates who could receive training in weaponry and military tactics, on-line or even live fire, in anticipation of some longed for day when they might usefully employ their training in the cause of animal rights.

        If organizations like the NRA, Shooting Sports Foundation, Safari Club, and assorted right-wing militias can legally prepare and stock-up for Armageddon, animal rights advocates should exploit the same Second Amendment loop holes and “stand-your-ground” laws to prepare to engage these evil entities at their own game. I’d be proud to be a charter member of such an organization. Anyone with a similar interest, please write. Our numbers might be small and dispersed but uniting in an on-line community is still feasible. If nothing else, we could discuss the relative stopping power of the 7.62×54 mm cartridge versus the 300 Winchester Magnum against middle aged, overweight trophy hunters.


  2. And what do you think in the US is facilitating that trend more than anything other? Answer: Republicans and their new god, Donald Trump.


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