Politically Incorrect: Democrats and the Republicans are both enemies of animals.

So are most progressives and independents.





Before the Armory came into being, I was publishing Notes on my Facebook profile which I called political grenades, weapons to be wielded in the war for animal rights. Those modest apothegms and observations have grown to over two thousand grenades and articles.

In addition to regular articles, the Armory has begun publishing Politically Incorrect, an ongoing, daily stream of grenades that I hope will be shared extensively.

Most will be provocative, all will be irreverent, many seditious, and each will be designed to hit people upside the head.

The purpose of the Armory is to challenge people to think, to question what they believe, to weigh what they value.

To question authority, society, law, government, religion, politics, and their own worldviews.

I believe the Armory to be the most radical and incendiary blog for universal rights to be found online. Its mission is to radicalize the animal movement and to advocate for socialist revolution.

You may not agree with me, as most do not, but you owe it to the animals to consider them in your own life and in your priorities.

And if you are a comrade you owe it to the animals to share the Armory far and wide.




Armory Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

If you know of other blogs dedicated to animal rights and the defeat of capitalism, please comment with a link.

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4 thoughts on “Politically Incorrect: Democrats and the Republicans are both enemies of animals.

  1. Yes, but let’s make a distinction between those who are ENEMIES of animals and those who are merely indifferent. Over-reaching, blanket statements are more typically the modus operandi of the politically naive. If you look at almost any roll call vote dealing with animals or the environment taken in Congress in recent memory, there is an obvious and sharp partisan divide between those who support legislative initiatives to help animals and those who support legislative initiatives that will hurt animals. Look no further than the continual Republican efforts to erode the Endangered Species Act as in the “Manage our Wolves Act”, pushed through in the waning days of the current House before the Democrats can take control in January. Or the straight-line party vote earlier this year to open up national monuments and wildlife “refuges” in Alaska to the most egregiously cruel and abominable methods of wolf and bear killing. The overwhelming majority of Republicans seem ever to be in favor of making the planet a living hell for wild animals. While, with some notable and execrable exceptions, Democrats for the most part oppose these efforts.

    At some point, Roland, you’ve got to stop promoting this false equivalency of Democrats versus Republicans on matters of animal welfare and the environment, particularly the welfare of WILD animals. I say again, the true salvation for this country would be a Republican hanging by a meat hook from every lamp post from sea to shining sea. In the absence of that gratifying spectacle, however, one has to make, as a practical matter, a choice to support one or the other of the two dominant political parties that are going to be, notwithstanding any pie-in-the-sky yearnings for the “impending” Trotskyite revolution, running this country into the foreseeable future. And that’s an easy call except for those who have succumbed to a petulant grudge over Bernie not being anointed the Democrats’ nominee in the last presidential election.


    • Corporate Democrats are the more evil and the bigger threat to progressives and the animals because they block progressive attempts to take over the party and make policy. We have two fascist alternatives and both are owned by Wall street, Big Ag, Big Pharma, Big Oil and the MIC.

      Capitalism is the enemy and both parties are capitalist accomplices.


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