On Strategy In Advocacy: The Mistake Of Trying To Convince Those Who Don’t Care

The Legacy Of Pythagoras

Image credit: The Washington Post Image credit: The Washington Post

AbVegans, we need to stop talking about Veganism with the people who ridicule us and ignore our arguments.

Something Our Species Is Doing That’s Wrong

Every year now, the human species confines and kills around 70,000,000,000 land-dwelling nonhuman animals (the latest written information I have on hand is from a few years ago, but I know it has recently risen to that figure) and somewhere between 1,000,000,000,000 and 3,000,000,000,000 sea-dwelling nonhumans, for no better reason than our palate pleasure.

Yes, you read those numbers right; and I did not exaggerate or make any kind of error.

I say between 1 and 3 trillion because what we do to the sea-dwelling nonhumans is we drag them up from depths of the sea where they live -an action that kills many of them in and of itself- in such high numbers that we…

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