Very Long Period of Severe Weather Predicted For Coming Days


One of the longest periods of severe weather in recent history may be on tap for regions of the Central U.S. over the coming week. A zone in which 44 million people live and that covers 18 states is under the gun for severe weather formation for at least the next 8 days. And there are a number of climate change related factors that are contributing to the severe storm potential.

Heavy rainfall U.S.

(NOAA’s seven day precipitation outlook shows the potential for flooding rains over large swaths of the Central and Western U.S. The risk for tornadoes and severe thunderstorms will also spike during this time period according to reports from the Storm Prediction Center. Image source: NOAA QPF.)

First, a strong storm track has established over the Pacific Ocean. This storm track is feeding unseasonable levels of moisture and stormy conditions into the U.S. West. These storm impulses are…

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One thought on “Very Long Period of Severe Weather Predicted For Coming Days

  1. I’d say this area is pretty much f***ed over the long term if the US does not get its act into gear in terms of addressing climate change. On the weather maps you can literally see the hurricanes and storms barrelling in off the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and sweeping up this central corridor – and these are only like to intensify (although not necessarily be more frequent) in the coming years. I’d say you are going to see property prices really start to lose their value. Is Trump and the US sceptics denial of climate change really worth the economic costs to the American people?


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