Bill Nye on climate change: ‘It’s not 50 to 75 years away — it’s 10 or 15’

The Extinction Chronicles


Bill Nye, popularly known as the “Science Guy,” joined Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the actual threat of climate change and the science behind the warming of our planet.

As an TV scientist and mechanical engineer, Nye is known for breaking science down into understandable terms. In speaking with Velshi & Ruhle, Nye spoke about how climate change is more gradual than disasters such as Pearl Harbor or 9/11, but the effects are still as serious, if not more.

The Trump administration has continued to deny climate change findings and make scientific reports inaccessible to the public. Nye counters EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler’s claim that the threat of climate change is “50 to 75 years out.” “It’s not 50 to 75 years away — it’s 10 or 15,” Nye said.

5/14/19, 3:00 PM ET

Bill Nye: Climate change is now

Nye pulled out…

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