Both NTRA and Jockey Club Refuse to Support Ban on Horse Slaughter

Horseracing Wrongs

House bill 961 – The “Safeguard American Food Exports Act of 2019” – would prohibit “the knowing sale or transport of equines or equine parts in interstate or foreign commerce for purposes of human consumption.” In other words, it would officially ban horse slaughter in the U.S. (currently, inspections for equine slaughterhouses have simply been de-funded, something that could change any year now) and – and here’s the crucial part – the transport of horses to slaughter. Though I don’t like the bill’s title or the ostensible motivation – “to prevent human health threats posed by the consumption of equines raised in the United States” – it would truly be a monumental win, the end of the shackle-hoist-slash-bleedout of America’s horses.

But – the industry, as represented by the various alphabet trade-groups, refuses to endorse. Imagine that, especially in light of the desperate times in which they currently find themselves…

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