Stonewalling No More? Kentucky Releases Names of Dead Horses

Horseracing Wrongs

Facing ever-increasing demands for transparency – most especially from diligent journalist Caitlin McGlade and the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting – the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission has agreed to release the names of its dead horses, and they’re doing it publicly on the Commission website. While it is unclear whether all kills (notably, training) will be published, for now we have these six:

Queen Jeanne, Feb 22, Turfway R
“Left forelimb: biaxial mid-body sesamoid fractures. The palmar annular ligament, medial annular ligament and intersesamoidean ligament were ruptured. The lateral annular ligament, suspensory ligament, superficial digital flexor tendon, deep digital flexor tendon, straight sesamoidian and oblique sesamoidian ligaments were torn. The medial and lateral digital veins are torn.”

Tell It Ina Melody, Mar 28, Turfway R
“Left forelimb: Lateral sesamoid: apical fracture. Medical sesamoid: comminuted basilar fracture. The palmar annular ligament was ruptured. The following structures were torn: Medial annular ligament…

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