I Am a Terrorist (According to a Paulick Report Column, That Is)

Horseracing Wrongs

A “commentary” in Monday’s Paulick Report, presented with my replies in bold…

“Don’t Let Animal Rights ‘Terrorists’ Make Horse Racing Go The Way Of Circus Elephants” – by Alan Pincus, an attorney in Pennsylvania

“I went to work at the track in 1965 because of my abiding love for horses. No one can question my love for the animal.” I can, and I will. You can love horses. You can love horseracing. You can’t love both.

“However, there is a faction of society that does not love our game. These are the animal rights terrorists whose agenda is nothing less than the ending of racing altogether.” If that’s to be the definition of a “terrorist,” then yes, I am a terrorist.

“They don’t want horses to be subjected to the inherently dangerous sport of racing.” Yes. “Instead, horses should be treated as pets.” So – horses shouldn’t be treated…

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