A Sixth Dead Racehorse at Saratoga

Horseracing Wrongs

And yet another. The Gaming Commission has disclosed the death of 3-year-old Overlord at Rood and Riddle Hospital, by way of Saratoga Race Course, yesterday: “developed post-op GI complications (colonic rupture)…subsequently euthanized.” He is the sixth casualty of the young Saratoga meet. For those who might object to that characterization, I give you a historical parallel.

It is fairly well known that roughly 620,000 soldiers died during the Civil War. But what most don’t realize is that roughly two-thirds of those soldiers died of disease. With that knowledge, when have you ever heard someone try to make the case that those deaths were in any way less significant, or more to the point, could somehow be disassociated from the war itself? Doesn’t happen – nor, obviously, should it. Clearly, then, time, place, circumstances, and context matter.

Similarly, every death in the horseracing industry is by the horseracing industry – every…

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