Tulsi must draw blood in the next debate or her campaign is over.

Tulsi will be on stage with Biden and Harris on the 31st.

She needs to seriously wound one or the other to gain any traction in the polls.

Biden is the bigger target, but Tulsi and Kamala are both women of color and Harris is vulnerable on her right wing record as San Francisco DA and her anti-progressive positions as California Attorney General.

Tulsi is polling in the very low single digits. To advance to the third debate, candidates must reach 130,000 individual donors and show polling numbers double where Tulsi is now.

If Tulsi cannot hit one out of the park on the 31st it will be almost impossible for her to continue as a viable candidate.

Tulsi’s two most distinctive issues are peace and ballot security. And on ballot security, she has an issue that can be used as a cudgel against the DNC and the GOP.

Rigged elections and the vulnerability of unrigged elections should be of paramount concern to every voter. At present, one’s Twitter or Facebook account is more secure than is one’s vote.

Tulsi should take the issue to Biden and Harris, demanding they stake out positions on her pending legislation and on the DNC’s rigging of the 2016 primaries.

Just as Harris laid in the weeds for Biden at the first debate, Tulsi needs to similarly sandbag him in the next. There are a number of issues upon which Biden is particularly vulnerable, and Tulsi is uniquely positioned to take him on with the entirety of Obama’s foreign policy: war, trade, regime change, aid to Israel, weapons sales to the Saudis, deportation, support for the coup in Honduras, etc.

A broadside at Biden for Obama giving W a pass on war crimes would light up the night!

With two weeks to prepare, it is not too late to set the traps and plot the script.

The clock is ticking.



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2 thoughts on “Tulsi must draw blood in the next debate or her campaign is over.

  1. Maybe she will repeatedly tell everyone about her military service…unoriginal and uninteresting. Anything else to offer, Tulsi? I have zero interest in overrated military personnel running the country, especially when thousands of them have been convicted of crimes over the years, in and out of the military, while a large percentage are hunters. She may not commit a crime or be a hunter, but she cannot be trusted.


    • As she is taking on the entire military industrial complex as the centerpiece of her campaign, I cannot fathom why you would make such assertions. She is the only candidate making noise about our state of permanent war, our obscene military budget, about American Empire, regime change foreign policy to bully governments to embrace American corporate interests.
      You say she cannot be trusted? On what basis could you possibly make such an ignorant comment?


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