15 Racehorses Killed in New Mexico

Horseracing Wrongs

Through a FOIA request to the New Mexico Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks thus far this year. Please note, however, that New Mexico is a work in progress: It is not clear whether all the horses in the FOIA documents are indeed dead, an ongoing problem I’ve had with this state (the Commission has assured it is working on it). For now, the confirmed:

Mr First Regard, Jan 4, Sunland R – “internal bleeding – euthanized on track”
Cryptic Queen B R, Jan 8, Sunland R – “ankle”
Heza Wild Dragon, Jan 11, Sunland R – “dead upon arrival” (chart: “good try, vanned”)
Flying Kolors, Jan 12, Sunland R – “cardiovascular, fractured knee…died on track”
A. C. Val, Jan 19, Sunland T – no details given
Ocean Bound, Feb 5, Sunland T – “shoulder”
Hollywood Angel, Feb 8, Sunland T – “bilateral sesamoid…

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One thought on “15 Racehorses Killed in New Mexico

  1. All sports have a group trying to come up with an undetectable way of enhancing performance.From the NFL to horse racing.Problem is in horse racing drugs mask serious problems and both horses and jockeys are at risk.Horse racing needs to even the playing field for all its participants by banning lasik and permanently suspending multiple cheating trainers and vets.The game really is at a crossroads for the future.Young people dont care for the sport and the old bastards that have supported it since 1960 are dying.


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